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Go-to-market templates

It is important that we continue to ensure procurement activities deliver value for money for Queenslanders.

We look for opportunities to continuously improve our procurement methods and practices. As part of this approach we’re developing new go-to-market templates. These templates will be used from July 2019 and will not affect open tenders released before this date.

The go-to-market templates will:

  • streamline and simplify our approach to market in line with whole-of-government strategies and templates tailored for Queensland Health and medical category needs
  • improve consistency in procurement-related documentation and guidance
  • enable Queensland Health to work better with suppliers, to improve procurement outcomes and to empower better and more efficient decision-making
  • strengthen compliance including, safety, packaging and delivery requirements
  • give suppliers confidence in their dealings with Queensland Health, through a mutual understanding of engagement and performance expectations to achieve shared goals and outcomes.
Last updated: 29 May 2019