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Entering Queensland from an Australian hotspot

Before progressing your exemption request, it is important to consider the following:

  • Protecting public health is our top priority. It is unlikely you will receive an exemption unless you qualify as someone who is exempt under the Border Direction or you are considered to have an exceptional circumstance - this applies to very few people.
  • Since June, more than 14,000 exemption requests have been received and 90% of the requests relate to entering Queensland and quarantine. Reviewing requests requires assessment and consideration and can take up to seven days.

Examples of an extreme exceptional circumstance which may be granted, where you are still required to quarantine

  • to attend a funeral
  • to visit a dying relative

Examples of requests that are not exceptional circumstances and will not be considered for exemption

  • visit your holiday house in Queensland for recreation or renovations
  • to attend or participate in a wedding
  • to look after grandchildren
  • quarantine at your own home in a separate building on the property
  • your partner lives in Queensland and you want to visit them
  • quarantine in an Airbnb or other residence because you have young children, need to cook your own food or usually check in on a relative every couple of months
  • to have your pet accompany you in quarantine.

Apply for a Chief Health Officer Exemption

Use the COVID-19 Exemption and Waiver Service to register and apply for a Chief Health Officer exemption.

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Last updated: 15 August 2020