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Reportable events and clinical indicators

There are certain events that need to be formally reported. These circumstances are described below along with links to the required forms.

Reportable events

Reportable events are required, under the Private Health Facilities Regulation 2016, to be reported within two (2) business days of the facility becoming aware of the event. These clinical events result in death or likely permanent harm which was not reasonably expected as an outcome of healthcare.

Authorised Mental Health Services - Critical Incidents Notification

Section 305(2)(l) of the Mental Health Act 2016 requires mandatory notification of Critical Incidents to the Chief Psychiatrist. Both Private Sector and Mental Health Services are required to complete the below form and return to and

Clinical indicators

Clinical indicators are collected every 6 months from licensed private health facilities to identify aspects of health service provision that may require examination or closer monitoring. Clinical indicator data collected by the Private Health Regulation Unit is not intended for benchmarking the quality of health services from one facility to another.

Facilities are required to report on indicators within 35 days after the end of each 6 monthly period.

Last updated: 16 September 2021