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Chiropractic radiography Possession Licence

Apply for a licence to possess X-ray equipment for chiropractic radiography. You can apply for this licence as corporation or an individual.

Chiropractic Approval to Acquire

Apply for an Approval to Acquire chiropractic radiography X-ray equipment. You will approval every time you seek to purchase or otherwise obtain X-ray equipment.

Chiropractic Use Licence

Apply for a licence to use a radiation source for chiropractic diagnostic radiography. You need this licence before you can perform chiropractic radiography.

Last updated: 4 December 2020

Setting up your radiation business

New radiation businesses will need to follow a process to set-up their radiation sources and premises:

  1. Possession Licence—have overall ownership and control of X-ray equipment
  2. Approval to Acquire—purchase or otherwise obtain X-ray equipment
  3. Use Licence—perform chiropractic radiography

You may also need to relocate or dispose of your X-ray equipment.