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Medical radiation Possession Licence

The possession of radiation sources is regulated under the Radiation Safety Act 1999 to minimise the risks associated with radiation.

Medical radiation sources include:

  • laser and ionising radiation equipment
  • sealed radioactive substances
  • unsealed radioactive substances

Know which form you need?

This page contains the following Medical Possession Licence application form:

Who needs this licence?

You will need a Possession Licence if you seek to have the overall ownership and control of a medical radiation source. This licence is needed before a radiation practice can be carried out, including acquiring or using a radiation source.

You can apply for a Possession Licence as a corporation or as an individual.

Medical businesses commonly possess radiation sources for procedures, which include:

  • medical imaging
  • nuclear medicine
  • radiation therapy
  • surgical procedures.

Medical businesses will need:

  • Business licences— a person needs to hold a Possession Licence for the radiation source to be allowed to take overall ownership and control of it.
  • Radiation source approvals—each time before a radiation source can be purchased or otherwise obtained, the Possession Licensee will need to apply for an Approval to Acquire the radiation source. This is to ensure proper safety measures are in place and to ensure all radiation sources are accounted for.
  • Individual licences—a person who performs a medical radiation procedure needs to hold a Use Licence that allows them to use the radiation source for the procedure.

Responsibilities of a Possession Licensee

As part of your responsibilities as the Possession Licensee you need to:

  • Have an approved Radiation Safety and Protection Plan (Plan) that describes what the radiation practice is, the associated risks, how risks will be managed and how safety measures will continue to remain effective. The plan needs to be readily available for all staff.
  • Apply for an Approval to Acquire every time you seek to purchase or otherwise obtain new radiation equipment or substances.
  • Appoint a Radiation Safety Officer for the radiation practice
  • Use the services of an Equipment and Premises Compliance Tester to assess radiation sources and premises for compliance with safety standards (at required intervals).
  • Specify which licensees can use the radiation source (or transport radioactive substances where applicable).

You are required to comply with the Radiation Safety Act 1999 and the Code of Practice for Radiation Protection in the Medical Applications of Ionizing Radiation (2008). The codesets out the requirements to protect people from the harmful effects of radiation associated with medical radiation practices.

Other relevant radiation protection codes and documents:

Manage medical business radiation premises

As a Possession Licensee, you will need to ensure that the premises where radiation sources are used or stored are compliant with the relevant safety standards. These standards set out the minimum radiation premises safety requirements as part of the health and safety requirements of Radiation Safety Act 1999.

Compliance assessment of radiation sources and premises

Use the services of an Accredited Person (Equipment and Premises Compliance Tester) to assess if your radiation source and premises are compliant with the relevant safety standard. Reassessment will need to occur periodically to verify continued compliance with the safety standards as per the legislation and your Plan.

You can search the public register for a list of individuals who are able to assess if your radiation source and premises comply with the relevant safety standard.

Apply for a medical radiation Possession Licence

Application for a licence to possess a radiation source (PDF 902 kB)

Use this form if you seek to have the overall ownership and control of a medical radiation source.

You can apply for a licence to possess a radiation source for a medical procedure as a corporation or an individual.

Your application needs to include:

You will also need to attach a Radiation security plan if you apply for a licence to possess a security-enhanced source. Medical businesses that possess these radiation sources include radiation therapy.

Licence duration

A Possession Licence can be for 1, 2 or 3 years.

Renewal applications can be made 60 days before your licence expires. You will be sent a reminder and renewal application form before your licence expires.


You will need to pay a licence fee. If you do not hold a current licence you will also need to pay an application fee.

If you currently possess a radiation source, you will need to apply and pay an additional fee for each source. This is particularly relevant if you are a licence holder from another jurisdiction moving your radiation sources into Queensland. You will need to formally acquire your sources via Queensland's legislated processes.

See Schedule of fees to determine the fee you will need to pay. Your form will only be considered a complete application once payment has been made.

Last updated: 4 December 2020