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Radiation licence and certification application process

Apply for a radiation use licence

How to apply for a radiation use licence.

Apply for a radiation possession licence

How to apply for a licence to possess a radiation source.

Apply for a radiation transport licence

How to apply for licence to transport radioactive substances by road, water, rail or air.

Proof of identity documents for radiation licence applications

Information on the proof of identity documentation required for radiation licence applications.

Apply to become an accredited person

Information on the role of an accredited person and how to apply to become one.

Apply to become a radiation safety officer

How to apply to become a radiation safety officer.

Apply for a replacement licence, approval or certificate

How to apply to replace your licence, approval or certificate if it has been lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged.

Approval as a medical physicist for research

How to apply for approval as a medical physicist for research involving diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine or radiotherapy.

Last updated: 26 July 2019

Contact the Radiation Health Unit

The Radiation Health Unit is the radiation safety agency for Queensland.

For all licensing and application queries.

For radiation safety advice.

To update your details, including name, email and contact address, email the details to Health Protection Licensing Unit.