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Apply for a radiation possession licence

Any person or corporation seeking to possess a radiation source must hold a possession licence issued under the Radiation Safety Act 1999. This includes X-ray equipment, laser apparatus, or a radioactive substance.

A possession licensee is taken to remain in possession of its radiation source if they allow a person to:

Once a possession licence has been granted, the possession licensee can then apply for approval to acquire a specific radiation source.

The radiation source may not be used until the radiation source and premises comply with the relevant radiation safety standards.

A possession licence can be for 1, 2, or 3 years. Applications to renew your licence must be made before your current licence expires.

Security enhanced sources

High activity radioactive substances known as 'security enhanced sources' have additional requirements, including security plans and nominated persons. Contact Radiation Health if you are proposing to possess security enhanced sources in Queensland.

How to apply

Complete the Application for a Licence to Possess a Radiation Source (PDF 1457 kB).

For your application to be successful:

  • answer all questions on the application form
  • sign and date the application form
    • corporations: the company contact person who signs the application must have been authorised by the corporation to do so
    • individuals: provide a certified copy of your proof of identity documents
  • include a signed and dated proposed radiation safety and protection plan which details the radiation protection measures that will be put in place to mitigate the radiation risk in the practice
  • include the required fees, either credit card payment form or cheque/money order.

Note:  Standard radiation safety and protection plans applicable to small animal plain film veterinary diagnostic radiography and intra-oral dental diagnostic radiography are available. Refer to radiation safety and protection plan

Application and licence fees

Fees are updated on 1 October each year and are detailed on the application form. The application fee is not refunded if the application is unsuccessful.

Next Steps

Once a licence is granted, you need to:

  • make an application to acquire and ensure it is granted before taking possession of any radiation sources
  • use the services of an accredited person to assess radiation sources, and premises in which they are used or where radioactive substances are stored, against relevant radiation safety standards
  • appoint a radiation safety officer
  • take reasonable steps to ensure the source is not used unless the person is the holder of a use licence or otherwise under the Act
  • ensure your approved radiation safety and protection plan is readily available to all persons involved in carrying out your practice
  • take reasonable steps to ensure that all persons undertake the training detailed in your radiation safety and protection plan
Last updated: 26 July 2019