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Apply to become a radiation safety officer

The Radiation Safety Officer advises possession licensees on the radiation safety status of their practices and recommends ways to remedy issues or improve safety. A possession licensee must appoint a radiation safety officer for the practice.

The Radiation Safety Officer Certificate describes the types of radiation practice that the radiation safety officer may be appointed to. A possession licensee can only appoint a radiation safety officer who holds a Radiation Safety Officer Certificate for the practice type mentioned in the certificate.

They can last for 1, 2, or 3 years. Renewal applications must be made before the current certificate expires.

When is a certificate not required

If the possession licensee is an individual, and holds one of the following qualifications (as listed in Schedule 5 of the Radiation Safety Regulation 2010), they can appoint themselves as the radiation safety officer for the indicated practice:

  • Registered dentist—intra-oral or extra-oral diagnostic radiography
  • Registered dentist—dental therapeutic laser procedure
  • Registered medical practitioner—plain film diagnostic radiography of a person
  • Registered chiropractor—plain film diagnostic radiography of the spine, pelvis, or extremities of a person
  • Registered veterinary surgeon—plain film diagnostic radiography of an animal

How to apply

Make sure you provide evidence of your qualifications, training and experience. Your application may not be accepted if you do not provide all relevant information.

For your application to be successful:

  • complete the Form 8: Application for a Radiation Safety Officer Certificate (PDF 1212 kB)
  • answer all questions on the application form
  • sign and date the application form
  • provide certified copies of your formal qualifications and/or training certificates
  • provide evidence of your level of competency in performing the functions of a radiation safety officer (e.g. statement from employer)
  • include the required fees, either credit card payment form or cheque/money order

Application and certificate fees

Fees are updated on 1 October each year and are detailed on the application form. The application fee is not refunded if the application is unsuccessful.

Last updated: 26 July 2019