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Apply for a radiation use licence

A use licence is required when specialist skill, knowledge and training are necessary to ensure the radiation source is used safely. For these reasons, a use licence is only granted to an individual.

A use licence can be for 1, 2, or 3 years. Applications to renew your licence must be made before your current licence expires.

When a use licence is not required

A use licence is not required to use some radiation sources, listed in Section 69 of the Radiation Safety Regulation 2010. Contact Radiation Health to confirm whether you need a use licence for a specific radiation practice.

Additionally, a use licence is not required if the person is in the presence and under the personal supervision of a licensed person, and is helping the licensee carry out one of the following radiation practices:

  • industrial radiography
  • borehole logging (using radioactive substances)
  • density-gauging, or moisture-gauging, for geo-technical purposes
  • preparation of a radioactive substance or radiation apparatus, or assembly of a sealed source apparatus, for use in carrying out a diagnostic or therapeutic procedure involving the irradiation of a person
  • commissioning, maintenance or repair of radiation sources
  • compliance testing of a radiation source or premises
  • undertaking of quality control procedures, in relation to a radiation source or a sealed source apparatus

Prescribed licensee

The Radiation Safety Act 1999 allows for certain persons to be 'prescribed licensees'. Prescribed licensees are not required to apply for a licence issued under the Act. The following individuals are 'prescribed licensees'.

  • Dentists registered by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency who use intra-oral dental radiation apparatus to carry out intra-oral dental plain radiography. Such dentists are required to comply with the Code of Practice for Radiation Protection in Dentistry (2005) published by APRANSA.

Fast-track vs standard applications

There are 2 ways to apply:

Fast-track forms are available for:

Specific information on the licensing criteria for the following application types are available for:

How to apply

Make sure you provide evidence of your qualifications, training and experience. Your application may not be accepted if you do not provide all relevant information.

For your application to be successful:

  • complete the Form 2: Application for a licence to use radiation sources (PDF 1551 kB) or relevant fast-track form
  • answer all questions on the application form
  • sign and date the application form
  • provide certified copies of your formal qualifications and/or training certificates
  • provide evidence of your experience in using radiation sources (e.g. worksheets, work history from employer)
  • provide evidence of your level of competency in using radiation sources (e.g. statement from another licensed person)
  • provide a certified copy of your proof of identity documents
  • include the required fees, either credit card payment form or cheque/money order

For proof of identity documents, a ‘certified copy’ is a copy of an original document that has been certified by an officer stated on the application form. At present, this is a justice of the peace, a commissioner for declaration, or a notary public.

Application and licence fees

Fees are updated on 1 October each year and are detailed on the application form. The application fee is not refunded if the application is unsuccessful.

Existing use licensees who are allowed to use a radiation source to carry out a diagnostic or therapeutic procedure involving the irradiation of a person do not need to pay the application fee if they are applying for another use licence to carry out a diagnostic or therapeutic procedure involving the irradiation of a person.

Safety procedures

It is a condition of their licence that people using radiation sources during maintenance, repair, commissioning, or for compliance testing activities, comply with radiation safety procedures:

Radiation safety procedures during maintenance, repair, commissioning, or compliance testing activities (PDF 36 kB)

It is a condition of their licence that people using sealed source apparatus for geotechnical measurements, borehole logging or industrial radiography comply with radiation safety procedures:

Radiation Protection Programme for the Transport of Radioactive Materials (PDF 50 kB)

Last updated: 23 January 2020