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The role of the radiation safety officer

A radiation safety officer is an individual who has, relevant to the type of practice:

  • a working knowledge of the legislation, guidelines, codes of practice and standards
  • knowledge and skills in measuring and monitoring radiation and interpreting radiation measurements
  • knowledge and skills in applying radiation safety and protection principles
  • knowledge of the biological effects of radiation
  • the competency to perform the functions of a radiation safety officer.

A radiation safety officer either holds a Radiation Safety Officer Certificate or holds a qualification prescribed under Schedule 5 of the Radiation Safety Regulation 2010.

If the possession licensee is an individual, and holds a qualification listed in Schedule 5, they can appoint themselves as the radiation safety officer for the indicated practice.


The specific functions of the radiation safety officer are stated in the radiation safety and protection plan.

As a minimum, they must:

  • Identify whether the licensee's approved radiation safety and protection plan for the practice is being complied with and report to the possession licensee any contravention of the plan, recommending the activities to be taken to ensure compliance with the plan.
  • Identify and advise the possession licensee of ways, consistent with the radiation safety and protection plan for the practice, of minimising the radiation doses received by people from the radiation source.
  • Provide or arrange the provision of training for:
    • persons carrying out the radiation practice
    • the licensee's employees
    • other persons working for the licensee who may be

Find out how to apply to become a radiation safety officer.

Last updated: 26 July 2019