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Relocating or disposing a radiation source

Movement out of Queensland

A person can only relocate a radiation source to a place outside of Queensland if they have both a possession licence AND an approval to relocate issued under the Radiation Safety Act 1999.

How to apply

Approval for the relocation lasts for 1 month, allowing time for the physical transfer of the source.

Confirmation of receipt of the radiation source from the recipient is required within 7 days of the transfer occurring. The radiation source will remain on the possession licensee's licence, the licensee will remain accountable for the source, unless this confirmation is received.

Movement within Queensland

If you are moving a radiation source between your own premises, please email Radiation Health the new location.

Disposing a radiation source

Disposal of radioactive material

A person may dispose of radioactive material without a specific approval if the concentration of the radioactive material is less than that prescribed in the Radiation Safety Regulation 2010. Radionuclide concentration limits for disposal into the air, water or sewerage system are given in sections 15 and 16 of the Regulation. Concentration levels for the disposal of radioactive material other than via the air, water or sewerage system are detailed in section 17 of the Regulation.

These concentrations are set at a lower level than the prescribed concentrations for which a person must obtain a licence. This is to ensure that no person will receive an unacceptable dose of radiation as a result of the disposal.

An approval to dispose (PDF 995 kB) is required if a person wishes to dispose of radioactive material in excess of the radionuclide concentration levels prescribed in the Regulation. In considering such an application, the chief executive will assess the potential radiation hazard to both people and the environment as a result of the disposal of the radioactive material and will therefore require some detailed information to be provided as part of such an application.

Disposal of radiation apparatus

Possession licensees may dispose of a radiation apparatus (i.e. an X-ray apparatus, laser apparatus or solarium) provided it is first rendered incapable of ever producing radiation and relevant signage removed. This may be achieved by destroying the main components involved in the production of radiation, for example the X-ray tube, and destroying the signage warning of a radiation hazard.

If a radiation apparatus is disposed of, it is a requirement under the Radiation Safety Act 1999 that the possession licensee must notify the chief executive within 7 days after the disposal of the apparatus. The radiation apparatus will remain on the possession licensee's inventory until satisfactory evidence that this disposal has occurred has been received.

Last updated: 26 March 2020