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Enhancing Queensland's supply chains

Paramedics standing in front of ambulance

Queensland Health is introducing procurement and supply chain process improvements to help enhance sourcing, supply, storage and distribution of critical products.

This is an essential part of strengthening the resilience of Queensland’s supply chain networks and being prepared to respond to public health emergencies and other significant events, including bushfires, cyclones, floods.

Creating secure and resilient supply for Queenslanders requires all aspects of procurement, supply and logistics to work together.

Supporting local supplier and manufacturing options will further safeguard the availability of critical goods and equipment for frontline services.

Expanding our storage and distribution network

A network of facilities in key locations that are connected through an efficient and reliable logistics network will improve access to critical supplies across the state.

  • New regional warehouses are being established in Cairns and Rockhampton.
  • Our distribution centre footprint is being expanded in South East and North Queensland.

Map of Queensland with building icons and legends that read: Establishing a new warehouse in Cairns, expanding the distribution centre in Townsville, establishing a new warehouse in Rockhampton and expanding the distribution centre in Brisbane

A newly expanded bulk storage facility at Inala was launched in August 2020 to help increase Queensland’s capacity for storing critical items for frontline services.

The facility spans 15,000m² and can hold approximately 180 million pieces of PPE.
View the video to learn more.

Inala PPE warehouse video transcript

Time stamp



Upbeat background music (entire video).

Fast-moving vision showing movement through the Inala Warehouse at ground level across the mid-section of the floor to ceiling shelving rows.


Queensland is ready to respond.


Sixteen million, four hundred and fifty-seven thousand and twenty-five masks.

Vision of pallets of masks in background.


Close-up vision of a man operating a forklift to move pallets into position for loading into floor to ceiling shelving.


One hundred and fourteen million, one hundred and ninety-one thousand and six hundred and ninety rubber gloves.

Vision of pallets of gloves in background.


Vision showing a B-double delivery truck with its side curtains drawn back revealing twenty-eight pallets of personal and protective equipment.

Sped-up vision showing a forklift driver removing and transferring the pallets of personal and protective equipment into the Inala Warehouse.

Truck-driver closing the side curtains to a now empty truck.


Two million, eight hundred and twenty-four thousand and two hundred and twenty-six medical gowns.

Vision of pallets of medical gowns looking from ground level up to the warehouse ceiling.


Vision inside the warehouse showing a forklift driver at the far end of the warehouse transitioning into vision of a warehouse worker at work stamping bar code stickers for placement on pallet boxes of personal and protective equipment and shuffling the completed sheets of barcodes.


Eleven million, six hundred and twenty-seven thousand and four hundred and eighty-five aprons.

Vision of pallets of aprons while moving across the rows of floor to ceiling shelving full of pallets of boxes.


Vision behind a warehouse worker driving a small open vehicle through the mid-way point of rows of shelving, looking through to the far end of the warehouse.


Vision from the top of the forklift cabin as the forklift drives along rows of warehouse shelving to receive a pallet of personal protective equipment from another forklift operator approaching from the opposite end of the warehouse.


Four million, four hundred and nineteen thousand and eight hundred and fifty-seven face shields and eyewear.

Vision of pallets of faceshields from the front of a forklift driving down a row of floor to ceiling shelves.


Vision of a female warehouse worker wearing a high visibility reflective vest loading small boxes of personal protective equipment into a carton, taping it up and lifting the box onto a loading trolley.


Vision from a height of half-way up the floor to ceiling shelving moving across rows, jumping to a ceiling to ground view of more than one hundred pallets in position for loading onto a delivery truck.


Close up of a Large surgical gown packet on top of a box, cutting to a fast-moving montage of grabs of all vision played to date including close-ups of pallets being removed from delivery trucks, products and the inside of the warehouse showing the rows and rows of floor to ceiling shelves full of pallets of product.


Images of a forklift driving around a large warehouse in between rows of floor to ceiling shelving containing pallets of personal and protective equipment.

Close ups of pallets being moved from truck delivery area to shelves.

Close up shot of medical grade disinfectants used for cleaning.

Vision of the warehouse from the ceiling looking down on the rows and rows of stocked shelving.

Vision of the warehouse contents from one end looking down to the far end.

Closing vision of the neat, clean rows within the warehouse fading to black.

Last updated: 10 November 2021