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Invoice requirements

Queensland Health has simplified the way invoices can be submitted by suppliers.

New Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) software allows invoices to be submitted via email to be electronically scanned for processing.

This new software will also provide you (suppliers) with a single point of contact for invoices, and, by electronically reading information, should make processing invoices  faster.

These changes will not affect your current payment terms, and your remittance advice will still be emailed to your nominated email address.

Email addresses

There are now centralised email addresses for invoices.

Email your purchase order invoices for:

Invoice format requirements

There are new format requirements for invoices being sent to Queensland Health, including the need to reference associated PO numbers.

Invoices must contain the following:

  1. ‘Tax invoice’ or ‘Credit memo’ listed at the top (credit memos must reference the original invoice)
  2. Supplier’s name, address and ABN number at the top (if applicable)
  3. Reference number/invoice number (max 16 characters)
  4. Date in DDMMYYYY format
  5. The name of the company being invoiced
  6. A contact name for delivery
  7. Purchase order (PO) number or real estate contract number
  8. Total gross invoice amount and tax (if applicable)
  9. Which items have GST and which do not (clearly state split tax codes)
  10. Currency code (if not in AUD).

Other invoice requirements include:

  • Invoices should be attached to the email as a PDF file.
  • There should only be one invoice per PDF file.
  • There should be no stamps, drawings or marks on the invoice.
  • All invoices must be dark text on a white background. Inverse format will not be accepted.
  • All text, dates, numbers, amounts etc. should have space around them. Any adjoining lines or text will interfere with the OCR.

Tax invoice requirements

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Payment terms and remittance advices

Payment terms and remittance advices will not be affected by these changes.

What if there are issues?

Invoices that have something wrong will trigger an ‘exception’. This means that your invoice will be sent to an Accounts Payable staff member to be manually entered into the system and will take longer to process. These exceptions may include:

  • incorrect formats
  • inconsistencies
  • can't be read by the system
  • no purchase order number.

If you send your invoice to the wrong person, they will send it back to you with information about where to send the invoice.

There will be no grace period after 1 August 2019.

Need more information?

Call your existing Accounts Payable contact for any invoice-related enquiries or email

Last updated: 29 May 2019