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Questions and answers—supplier briefing sessions

We've held briefing sessions to provide information to key suppliers. Browse the questions and answers below.

Where can I find the company addresses and ABNs for the 17 Queensland Health entities?
Refer to the ABN list.

Is there a map of QH entities and facilities located within each area?
There is a map available.

Is the S/4HANA platform being used across all government?
No. QH is the second Queensland Government body to roll out S/4HANA (the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy was first).

Will the new system improve forecasting?
While it will not be ready for day one, QH is looking at bespoke tools to support forecasting and demand planning, which will be piloted for the first 6+ months after go-live.

Will the new system allow for better reporting?
Yes. The reporting capabilities of the new system are vastly improved, with live data available at all times for reporting purposes.

Is there any opportunity to integrate all information into one sales data report for suppliers?
QH will utilise data in the new system to improve the way information is shared with suppliers regarding the current status of products. A standardised approach is key in ensuring the same information can be used all the way through the supply chain. 

When emergency stock is sent from the office to the hospitals for emergency surgery, will the new system delay the issue of purchase orders (POs)?
No, it won’t. There will always be emergencies that occur, particularly in a hospital setting.

Will there be a supplier portal into the Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) system?
Not at this stage, however this is a possibility in the future.

Will reports from the distribution centre (DC) highlight which Hospital and Health Service (HHS) the products have been sent to? Or will it show as a central order?
Through the use of reporting and metrics, the new system will allow QH to provide much better information about where the product is, however some of these capabilities may not be ready for day one.

We often have to attach timesheets and receipts etc. How will the system upload those attachments?
All artefacts sent to the mailbox will automatically be picked up by the system.

If we supply to 17 different HHSs, will we get 17 different payments?
No. You will get one payment. They will however have 17 different taxable names, and each might have a different delivery name.

Will orders continue to come through separately or will these be consolidated?
Through use of Materials Requirements Planning (MRP), orders will be automatically consolidated so multiple orders are not received from the same hospital or multiple hospitals. Some sites may choose to continue to order separately.

Is it recommended HHSs order through the DC or go straight to the supplier?
QH has a federated model which means HHSs can choose whether to order through the DC or the supplier. QH is working to reduce the overall cost of the process through improved supply chain management.

In the transition to the new system, if the product description on the PO is mismatched to the required product, who do we contact in order to get that changed?
If any errors are found in this information, please email

Will QH be moving to the National Product Catalogue (NPC) GS1?
Yes, this is being considered. GS1's national product catalogue is the logical place for all healthcare products as it means data can be managed in one spot.

Will QH include contract pricing through the NPC?
No. That will always be a separate contract between entity and supplier. It is not a national agreement.

Our POs are provided at procurement level, rather than site level. Will we be provided with that information?
All POs will have an ‘order from’ and ‘deliver to’ location. In terms of service orders, QH is implementing common standards around this as it is important to also see who ordered it.

We are a service provider, not a product provider, and as such receive PMs not POs. Will this now be a PO?
While it will not be ready for day one, the service master functionality will allow for this, which will help QH move towards a standardised approach.

We have existing POs which start with a 45 but the product is won’t be supplied until after the transition. Will the PO number need to change to the new 43 number?
The number will remain the same. Open POs will transition to the new system and will be receipted in the new system.

If an open PO extends past a certain point, is there a cut-off for issuing with a 43 number under the new structure?
If you have a PO that is going across a period of time based on a contract (for example a 12-month period) that PO will need to change. You will be contacted by the relevant HHS to advise that needs to change.

We provide doctors to hospitals, and as such, where we send invoices depends on the division the doctor works in. Will the centralised email mean we no longer have to email each individual department?
Yes. To ensure your invoices are processed as efficiently as possible, please send invoices to the central email inbox ( and review the engagement with each of your customers to ensure invoices are processed in a timely manner.

Is there an ability in the new system to put the actual location on the invoice?
QH is looking at this as an enhancement, but it won’t be ready for day one.

Will you be providing the exact delivery addresses so we can update these in our systems in advance?
Yes. QH is currently undertaking an extensive process to update the 'order from' and 'deliver to' locations and these will be supplied when ready.

In the past we have sold to hospital level and distribution centre (DC) level. It sounds like there will no longer be any sold at hospital level?
The DCs manage the core products that keep the system running, that is why the DC or supply chain location looking at the volume or strategic products. The HHSs will also have the option to order these directly.

What is the recommendation regarding stocking up for cutover period?
Advice has been provided to the HHS to increase stock up to a maximum imprest level.

Has the ordering already started for increasing stock?
Yes. Increased activity has already begun across the state to ensure continuity of supply and stock.

There is a four-day period where POs can't be processed. What contingencies are in place?
Business continuity processes are currently under development.

Last updated: 25 June 2019