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Doing business with us

Queensland Health purchases a wide range of goods and services from businesses of all sizes. If you're aware of the opportunities, and understand how to sell to government, your business has the potential to reach a larger market and generate larger profits.

Supply COVID-19 related items

Industry and business communities can step up to offer relevant supplies to help support our frontline healthcare and emergency services during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
We would like to hear from you if your business produces personal protective equipment (PPE) or other material and equipment relevant to the COVID-19 response.
Register to supply COVID-19 PPE ❯

Forward procurement pipeline

The Forward procurement pipeline dashboard is available via QTenders. It outlines Queensland Health's planned procurement activity with an annual spend greater than $100,000.

For more information, please contact the Office of the Chief Procurement Officer on (07) 3096 2283 or

Getting started as a supplier

We are committed to an open and transparent market process and equal opportunity, irrespective of the size and location of your business.

The first step is to become familiar with the Queensland Government QTenders website. All Queensland Government tenders are advertised on this website—upcoming, current and closed. You need to register to respond to tenders. We suggest you set up email alerts for tenders of interest, tailored to your industry and location.

If you are a first time user of the QTender website, we suggest you read:

The second step is to become familiar with the Queensland Contracts Directory website. All awarded contracts over $10,000 are published on this website.

The next step is to read our Supplier Guide (PDF, 3.2MB) which provides details about supplying to us, including information about:

  • Queensland Government Supplier Code of Conduct
  • workplace health and safety requirements
  • formats for purchase orders
  • deliveries
  • drivers and vehicles
  • pallets and packaging quantities and requirements
  • cartons and trade units
  • product live management
  • reporting and rejection
  • invoicing and payments
  • chain of responsibility
  • complaints management.

Purchase order terms and conditions

Procurement policy

The new Queensland Government Procurement Strategy and Procurement Policy has opened the door for local suppliers to access Queensland Health’s procurement and supply business. This new approach will give local suppliers greater access to opportunities created through government investment in their region. Queensland Health (as with other Queensland Government agencies) will also be allowed to purchase outside of whole-of-government supply arrangements in regional and remote locations to deliver improved local investment and better social outcomes.

Procurement zones

By prioritising the use of truly local suppliers, our procurement spend supports regional businesses, creates and supports quality local jobs that create genuine connections to the community, and helps to reduce long-term unemployment.

Zone 1: 125km - We will prioritise suppliers that maintain a workforce whose usual place of residency is located within a 125km radius of where the goods or services are to be supplied.

Zone 2: Local region - If a suitable local supplier does not exist within 125km, consideration will be given to suppliers within zone 2 local region.

Zone 3: Queensland - If a suitable supplier does not exist within the local region, consideration will be extended to suppliers within Queensland.

Zone 4: Australia - If a suitable supplier does not exist within Queensland, consideration will be extended to suppliers within Australia.

Last updated: 4 August 2022