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Health professionals

The Telehealth Support Unit can assist Health Professionals develop sustainable and scalable clinical telehealth service models.

Working collaboratively with Hospital and Health Service based Telehealth Coordinators, primary care and key partners, The Telehealth Support Unit provides a coordinated approach to establishing new and expanding existing telehealth services.

Funding opportunities

There are a number of Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS) items available to eligible Healthcare Professionals. The telehealth MBS items allow for a range of non-admitted patient consultations to be provided via videoconference. For further details please refer to the MBS website.

The Queensland Activity Based Funding model supports outpatient telehealth services by funding eligible outpatient telehealth services at both the recipient and provider ends. Additionally, from 1 July 2014 an admitted patient telehealth event payment is available to the provider-end Hospital and Health Services providing admitted patient telehealth eligible services. These are Activity Based Funding purchasing localisations unique to Queensland, and enable the delivery and expansion of telehealth services.

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Credentialing and Scope of Clinical Practice

  • A practitioner providing telehealth services must have SoCP from the HHS/DoH division where they are located when providing telehealth services. The HHS/DoH division where the patient is located needs to verify the SoCP in the practitioner’s home HHS/DoH division and be satisfied that the practitioner has appropriate and current SoCP for the service provided to that patient in that HHS/DoH division.
  • Medical Practitioners employed by the Department of Health or a Hospital and Health Service who are providing Telehealth services are able to seek indemnity under HR Policy I2

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Last updated: 24 November 2016