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Allied Health credentialing and scope of practice


This is the process to determine, as an Allied Health profession, your competence, performance and professional suitability to practise safely within Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service (TCHHS).

These determinations are guided by professional associations’ scope of practice documents, standards, and requirements from regulatory bodies.  We will then assess the information provided by you and determine whether you have the necessary skills, knowledge, competencies and experience.

Defining scope of clinical practice

Separate to credentialing, this determines the support services, staff profile, mimimum safety standards and other requirements to ensure services are provided safely and appropriately supported.

It is specific to the individual in that health care facility, and relates to the resources, equipment and staff available at the facility.

In accordance with the Guideline for Credentialing, Defining the Scope of Clinical Practice and Professional Support for Allied Health Professionals, and the Procedure for Credentialing and Defining the Scope of Clinical Practice and Professional Support procedure  (PDF 184 kB), you are obliged to ensure you are credentialed and have a documented defined scope of clinical practice where you are:

  • working in TCHHS facilities and services but not employed by TCHHS
  • intending to engage in complex clinical practices not traditionally performed by your profession that may pose a risk to patient safety.

Applying to practice

If you intend to practise within a TCHHS facility or service you will need to submit an application for credentialing and defining scope of clinical practice (PDF 435 kB).

Registered recruitment agencies responding to locum requests

If you are a registered panel member responding to a Torres and Cape HHS locum request for allied health staff please complete the Request for Allied Health Locum response form (PDF 139 kB) with your candidate's information for consideration.

Who can I contact?

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Torres and Cape HHS
Level 6, William McCormack Place
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+61 7 4226 5557

Last updated: 17 September 2021