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Consumer Advisory Committee

Consumer Advisory Committee logo

“walk together to achieve shared goals in health”

In August 2017 the Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC) for the Torres and Cape HHS was established, as an effective and efficient vehicle to engage consumers.

The Consumer Advisory Committee will:

  • Be the ears and voice of the consumers.
  • Engage with services / programs together.
  • Help simplify language barriers between Health Service providers and consumers.
  • Aim to seek positive solutions to cater for consumer health needs.


  • Provides advice and facilitates consumer and community engagement, involvement and partnerships.
  • Provides trained consumer representatives to contribute to engagement and partnership initiatives and statutory requirements.
  • Advances and fulfills the requirements of national safety and quality standards.


  • Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service is committed to ensuring mutually valuable outcomes by establishing the Consumer Advisory Committee as partners in planning, design, delivery, measurement and evaluation of systems and services.
  • The committee meets quarterly to provide consumer advice on improving health services. There are 10  members from a wide geographical spread, representing each area of our diverse region.
  • The committee is an integral part of the organisation and is involved in co-designing key services and programs with our workforce and leaders to ensure that care is person-centred and culturally appropriate and meets the person’s holistic needs (physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural, financial, family, community).
  • To date, the committee has provided input into the Clinical Services Plan, Strategic Plan, infrastructure projects and many other aspects of service delivery including how to talk about end of life care with patients.

Objectives and focus

  • Review and provide feedback on internally developed information for patients, carers, families and consumers.
  • Participate in recruitment panels for key positions across the HHS.
  • Engage with key services/programs across the HHS to ensure care is person-centred, culturally appropriate and meets the person’s holistic needs (physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural, financial, family, community).
  • Provide consumer feedback and collaborate with TCHHS in relation to new projects/initiatives.
  • Collaborate with the organisation in the evaluation and redesign of structures and processes for improvement and highlight any gaps.
  • Partnering in organisational design and governance by being involved with planning and strategic reviews.
  • Provide input in workforce training and education to incorporate consumer views and experiences.

Achievements to date

  • Involvement on recruitment panels for key positions within the HHS.
  • Engagement with the Clinical Council as a method to link consumers with clinicians in health care design and delivery.
  • Attendance at the Cultural Practice Programs delivered in communities to provide feedback on the content.
  • Committee members were involved in providing feedback into the design for the TCHHS Branding.
  • Engagement with Telehealth staff on current developments and initiatives.
  • Provided feedback on the content/design for TCHHS and Queensland Health internal & external web pages.
  • Participation in promotional activities for the HHS to encourage key messaging in communities and community members involvement.
  • TCHHS CAC representatives actively participate in high level committees, working groups, reference groups,  project steering committees, community groups and forums to support and enhance TCHHS community engagement activities.
  • Participation on high level committees, working groups, project steering committees, community groups and forums.
  • Input into building (re) design/refurbishment – Capital Works/Infrastructure projects.
  • Input into the TCHHS Clinical Services Plan, Strategic Plan, Consumer and Community Engagement Strategy and Consumer and Community Engagement Plan.
  • Feedback on cross-cultural awareness questions for recruitment of TCHHS staff.
  • Involvement and input into projects/initiatives eg. (RIVeR/Weipa Birthing/Healthcare in the Home). etc
  • Participation in accreditation promotional activities with regards to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (2nd edition).
  • Feedback on the development of internal and external web pages to raise the profile of the CAC and consumer and community engagement activities throughout TCHHS.
  • Members of the Consumer Advisory Committee undertook an exercise reviewing the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights and sharing with the HHS what the rights mean to them.
  • Engagement with Health Service Chief Executive on TCHHS COVID-19 response
  • Developed the structure and identity of group and the CAC logo.
  • Input into health promotion and input into TCHHS and state-wide consumer materials/brochures eg. Ryan’s Rule, PTSS redesigned forms
  • Building strong connections with staff and consumers and engaging with key projects/programs across TCHHS
  • Enhanced knowledge of TCHHS functions and services through engagement with staff.
  • Provided feedback to staff on improving consumer outcomes eg. Travel, consumer experience survey.

Meet the members


Wendy Phineasa

Wendy lives in Bamaga and is very interested in making it simple for residents to access our health services. Wendy was diagnosed with borderline diabetes in 2015 and since then has transformed her life with healthy eating, fitness and competitive body building. As the mother of seven children, Wendy has many years of experience dealing with the hospital and primary health care centre in Bamaga.


Wally Shibasaki

Wally lives on Thursday Island and has a keen interest in health both as a consumer and as a role model in his community. Wally works as a cultural mentor with My Pathway, is a rugby league referee and avid sportsman. Wally has had diabetes since 1990 and is a strong advocate for managing diabetes with exercise, sport and good nutrition.

Will Luthi

Will was on the Cairns and Hinterland Consumer Advisory Group for six months before moving back home to Cooktown in 2017. Will has trained in Consumer and Carer Participation which helps consumers understand their roles to help develop, plan, deliver and evaluate health services. Will is a strong advocate for mental health services and is keen to improve support services for people recovering from mental illness. He is a great role model for how to successfully manage mental illness through lifestyle choices, treatment services and social support.

Being on the Consumer Advisory Committee has been an awesome experience for me. I have travelled the Cape and visited the major centres and have got to know people from all walks of life. I have learnt much about our health system and the way it is constructed with a focus on consumer perspectives. I have given input for many projects and have given a voice to people who may not know much about our health system. It has been an enjoyable journey and I look forward to being on this committee for years to come” (Will Luthi, Mental Health Consumer Representative, Cooktown).

Mariana Babia

Ait Koedal Elder Mariana is a passionate community advocate for the Outer Islands of the Torres Strait. From her lived experience, she understands the unique needs and aspirations of Saibai, Dauan and Boigu Islands. By shining a light on the everyday health issues communities face, Mariana looks forward to creating positive change towards better living standards, positive health outcomes and brighter futures for local people. As a Women's Supervisor for My Pathway, Mariana values strong partnerships between communities, councils and health care providers.

Beverly Holroyd

Beverly lives in Pormpuraaw. She has always been interested in health, starting with her first job as a community health worker at the age of 15. Beverly is a compassionate advocate for her community and is driven to work holistically with the Health Service, her community and other service providers, to ensure positive outcomes for her community. Beverly speaks five different Aboriginal dialects with English being her sixth language. She is passionate about linguistics, improving language & cultural barriers and being a conjugate between the community and the Health Service. Beverly would like to improve health outcomes and provide feedback to the Health Service around important issues from her community.

Frances Carter

Frances has lived in Weipa for the past 12 years and has recently acquired her Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology). She currently works as a Family Led Convenor in Napranum for Cape York/Gulf Remote Area Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Child Care (RAATSICC) Advisory Association. Frances’ passions lay with holistic approaches to mental health and wellbeing and advocating for consumers’ autonomy and control of their own health. Consumer Advisory Committee Member is a youth representative who will help ensure a strong focus on health care and initiatives for young people.

Lucy Wailu

Lucy is from Mer and the Director for the Piadram tribe. Lucy is a direct descendant from Ait and is very passionate about her culture and identity. She would like to see a brighter future for the younger generation. Lucy is the coordinator for the Community Justice Group & Domestic Violence Champion and Vice President of Murray Island Women’s Group. Having been both a patient and a carer, Lucy wants improved health outcomes for her community. Lucy knows she can be a strong voice for her people by being the Outer Islands, Eastern Cluster, Consumer Advisory Committee representative. It is another journey Lucy is willing to take, hoping she can make a change for health challenges being faced by community.

Iris Billy  

Iris lives on Warraber Island (found in the central Torres Strait Islands) and is honoured to serve as an Indigenous voice to support the interests of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. These include education, employment and training, social justice, leadership and governance and health. Iris believes quality and long-term health care services are needed to meet the health conditions, needs and issues of every individual.  As a consumer and carer living in a remote community, Iris wants to contribute her experience, knowledge, and aspirations with the Consumer Advisory Committee. Iris aims to continue to influence change and improvement across the health services, and encourage other consumers experiencing health concerns and issues to share their experience.

Marcia  Koolatah

Originally from Kowanyama, Marcia lives and works in Cooktown. She has strong ties to Western Cape York and personal and professional links with Cooktown and surrounding communities in Eastern Cape York.

Marcia wants to advocate for more health workers, community engagement and education around preventive health care, including supplying ongoing health care after treatment within the home environment. As a member of the Consumer Advisory Committee, Marcia hopes to share her experiences, knowledge and understanding of the health services for her region and aim for positive health outcomes and learn more about the challenges and contribute to positive change.

Do you want to make contact with a member?

Contact the TCHHS Engagement Officer via:


Phone: (07) 4226 5978

Last updated: 27 April 2022