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COVID cases in the Torres and Cape region

10 February 2022

As at last night, there were 396 active COVID-19 cases within the Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service region.

Active case numbers are fluctuating as cases are discharged from their one-week quarantine and new cases come on.

Two active cases currently are being managed in hospital at Bamaga and Cooktown.

All other active cases within the region are being managed at home or other accommodation arranged in association with local disaster management groups, where home accommodation is unsuitable for isolation.

No further information can be provided due to confidentiality.

To date, accounting for those who have been discharged from quarantine, the Torres and Cape HHS has recorded 2047 cases of COVID-19.

With COVID–19 transmission widespread in the community, vaccination remains our very best defence.

We have noticed a slowdown in recent days in the numbers of people coming forward for their booster vaccination, as well as children aged 5–11 years coming in for their vaccinations.

It is important to get your booster to ensure the best protection from COVID-19.

Evidence from New South Wales indicates that the parts of Sydney hit hardest by the Omicron wave also had the lowest booster vaccine update.

Everyone aged 16 and over can now have the booster vaccination at one of our vaccination clinics if it has been three months since the completion of their primary course of vaccine – both doses.

To date, we have delivered 5532 booster vaccinations across the region,

So, if you are due for your booster, please come and get it for that added layer of protection. We have also delivered 1410 vaccinations to children aged 5–11 years to date.

Please remember, the child vaccine is being delivered in two doses about eight weeks apart so it’s vital you bring your child in for that second dose to ensure they are fully protected.

The sooner you bring your child in for that first dose, the sooner the second dose date will come around so your child can complete their course.

Currently, 80 per cent of the eligible population aged 12 years and over in the Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service region is now fully vaccinated with two doses of vaccine.

As well as vaccination, we urge Torres Strait, Cape York, and Northern Peninsula Area residents to observe common sense hygiene practices.

Please wear masks as directed, practice social distancing – at least three big steps – and good hygiene, including frequent washing of hands with sanitiser and get tested if you have symptoms, no matter how mild.

If you are sick with mild symptoms and cannot access either PCR or RAT testing, please stay at home.

If you do experience symptoms such as breathlessness, chest pain or severe light-headedness, seek medical attention.

Testing helps us quickly find as many cases in the community as possible and reduce the spread of COVID, so please come and be tested if you have any symptoms.

Symptoms include: Fever, sore throat, runny nose, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea or lack of taste or smell.

Testing for COVID-19 is available at all Torres and Cape HHS health facilities through a combination of Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests, depending on individual requirements.

There is no issue with availability of RAT tests at any of our facilities.

  • Anyone presenting for testing at one of our facilities who has symptoms of COVID 19 will receive a Rapid Antigen Test.
  • Close contacts of a positive case will also receive a Rapid Antigen Test on Day Six.
  • If someone is a close contact and has symptoms, they will receive a Rapid Antigen Test.
  • Only where Rapid Antigen Tests are not available will someone be given a PCR.

If you are using a Rapid Antigen Test at home and test positive, please contact the health service public health team on 0438 755 738 to register the result and for advice. Please leave a message if unanswered.

Or you can email:

If you need assistance with how to use a RAT test please watch the following videos from Dr Eric Levi:

Adult and child vaccinations are now available in most Cape York and NPA communities with specialist teams based at each of our health facilities from Monday to Friday.

In the Torres Strait, roving vaccination teams are travelling to island clusters on a rotational basis.

Torres Strait vaccination clinics will be held this week (February 7-11) at:

Thursday Island

  • 12 years plus at the Tamwoy Hall (Tuesday to Thursday 8.30 am to 4 pm)
  • 12 years plus at the Green Horizon Building (Thursday 8.30am to 4pm)

Horn Island

  • 12 years plus at the Horn Island PHCC (Friday 8.30am-12pm)

Hammond Island

  • 12 years plus and 5-11 years at the Hammond Community Hall (Thursday 8.30am to 4 pm)

Mabuiag Island

  • 12 years plus at the Mabuiag Island PHCC (Thursday 8.30am-5pm, Friday 8.30 am to 12.30pm)

Coconut Island

  • 5-11 years at the Coconut Island PHCC (Thursday 8.30am to 4 pm)

Yorke Island

  • 5-11 years at the Yorke Island PHCC (Thursday 9.30am to 5 pm)
  • 12 years plus at the Yorke Island PHCC (Friday 8.30 am to 11am)

Darnley Island

  • 5-11 years at the Darnley Island PHCC (Thursday 8.30am to 5pm)
  • 12 years plus at the Darnley PHCC (Friday 8.30am to 11.30am)

This week’s clinics and the ongoing vaccination clinic program can be accessed at COVID-19 vaccine rollout schedule

To get the phone number of your nearest health facility, visit:

Last updated: 10 February 2022