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Nurse Navigator Services

Nurse Navigators are a team of senior registered nurses and and Indigenous Nurse Navigator Support Officers who facilitate the health care journey for complex patients to improve outcomes for our patients and health service.

Key role principles

  1. Coordination of Person Centred Care
    • Facilitating personalised care coordination across the patient journey – enhancing multi-disciplinary services to achieve improve holistic health, not just treatment of symptoms or disease.
  2. Creating Partnerships
    • Provide a central point of communication, engagement, and coordination for all stakeholders – actively linking community care with both public and private inpatient specialists.
  3. Improving Patient Outcomes
    • Foster and encourage active patient/caregiver ownership of healthcare through goal setting.
    • Informed decision making and improved health literacy. Initiate and coordinate the most appropriate care services.
  4. Facilitates System Improvements
    • Provide leadership and insight into opportunities to improve organisational processes, care coordination & integration, and cohesion across the healthcare network continuum.

Navigation is about solutions

It works best when we all work on the solution together and make sure we keep the patient, you in the centre.

On referral:

  • It will be a fragmented health care journey.
  • It will be just like a puzzle that hasn’t been put together.
  • A Nurse Navigator will work out what the pieces of your puzzle are and identify missing pieces.
  • The Nurse Navigator will put all of the pieces together in the right place at the right time  by working collaboratively with everyone.
  • Increase your health literacy or put alternative supports in place so that the your picture stays together.

Nursing navigator questions and answers imageQuestions and answers (PDF,133kB)

Do you have a patient who could benefit from nurse navigator services?

  1. Determine eligibility by contacting the Nursing Director or Clinical Leader of the patient's nearest Torres and Cape HHS facility to discuss their needs and main purpose of the referral.
  2. Complete the Nurse Navigator Service referral form (PDF 79 kB) then
  3. Email to

Nurse navigator referral form MR317

Do you need more information?

Nurse Navigator Services teams are located in across the region for eligible patients living in Cape York, Northern Peninsula Area and Torres Strait Islands.

Contact your nearest Torres and Cape HHS facility or the the Nurse Unit Manager for more information via:


Phone: 0429 057 948

Last updated: 11 February 2021