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Release of information

The Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service (TCHHS) is committed to giving you greater access to information.

We continue to increase proactive disclosure (push model) so information (excluding personal health records) is available without the need to make a formal application under a legislative authority, e.g. Right to Information Act 2009.

Right to Information website gives you information about Whole of Government policy and relevant legislation.

Useful resourcesWebsites
Application form for Rights to Information / Information PrivacyOffice of Information Commissioner
Accessing my medical records - information SheetsQueensland Health Right to Information
Information Privacy Act 2009Family history research in Queensland
Public Service Act 2008Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Multicultural Affairs - Community and Personal Histories
Right to Information Act 2009 
RTI / IP fees and Charges

Where and how do you access TCHHS information?

  1. Check to see the information is already available online.
  2. Below are links to where you can access TCHHS information and other useful resources.
  3. Visit TCHHS Research Governance web page to access data for research projects.
Torres and Cape HHSQueensland HealthWhole of Government and other useful resources
Administrative accessOpenness and transparency indexQueensland Government’s open data portal
Publication schemePublication schemeOffice of Information Commissioner website
Disclosure log - no fees or charges Disclosure logFamily history research in Queensland
Department of Health Open Data Strategy 2013–2016 has been adopted by TCHHS Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Multicultural Affairs
- Community and Personal Histories

What to do if you can't find what you are looking for

Before submitting an application take time to make notes about what information you are looking for and how this will help you as this will help us provide you with the best possible response in the shortest possible time.

Refer to Office of the Information Commissioner Guidelines for community members for more information

Who to contact if you have a question

Release of Information Officer Email | Phone
Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service
Level 4, 139 Grafton Street

(07) 4226 5087

PO Box 5607

Last updated: 13 July 2020