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Outdoor courtyard revitalizes Home Hill Hospital

30 November

A new retreat for patients of the Home Hill Hospital will officially be opened this week thanks to a joint commitment by the Townsville Hospital and Health Service and the Home Hill Hospital Benefit Committee.

The courtyard, valued at $150,000, was officially completed this month with a $40,000 contribution from the Home Hill Hospital Benefit Committee.

Home Hill Hospital acting director of nursing Sonja Brady said the courtyard had created a peaceful garden space for patients and their families.

“Patients in our hospital are often long-term patients for whom constantly being in a clinical hospital setting is not ideal,” she said.

“Since the completion of the courtyard we have seen patients, families and staff taking advantage of this new area to have a bite to eat, a quiet moment to themselves or to catch up.

“The availability of an outdoor area with fresh air and sunlight while still being near nursing staff will make a huge impact on the experience patients have while in our hospital.”

Sonja said she was thrilled to see something with so much community support reach completion.

“The Home Hill community has shown an outpouring of support and to raise $40,000 in a community as small as Home Hill is a great achievement,” she said.

Home Hill Hospital Benefit Committee founder Christie Gist said the project aligned with the committee’s aim enhance the hospital experience for both patients and staff.

“It is a really positive moment to see the courtyard complete and provide a space for patients and families to have time together,” she said.

“It’s a beautiful open space and beds can be wheeled out if needed.”

Christie said the space was a breath of fresh air.

“There has been a lot of good feedback,” she said.

“Breath of fresh air, it was just an empty space before.

“We are incredibly grateful to the community for their support of this project through our gala night, a Home Hill to Townsville fundraiser walk, a cocktail luncheon and are especially thankful for sponsorship from Ferry Property in Townsville.”

Last updated: 20 December 2018