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Birth Centre celebrates 10-year anniversary

13 July 2018

It’s been ten years since the Townsville Birth Centre opened at The Townsville Hospital and now families who have accessed the facility can spend a day celebrating with their midwives.

On July 21 Federation Gardens at The Townsville Hospital will come alive with mums, bubs, families and midwives celebrating the 10-year milestone.

Midwives at the Birth Centre have assisted with over 3289 births since opening in 2008, which Midwifery Unit Manager Sari Holland said she was very proud of.

“The Birth Centre is celebrating ten years of caring for families across Townsville who have benefited from continuity of care and knowing their midwife,” Ms Holland said.

“The community asked for this type of care and we were very successful in delivering it and delivering it well.

“This celebration will give everyone who has been touched by the Birth Centre a chance to meet their midwives and celebrate with them and other families over food, drink and child-friendly activities.”

Sari said the Birth Centre wouldn’t have seen such phenomenal success if weren’t for the Townsville community.

“If it weren’t for the wonderful support of our much-valued model of care paired with the help from women and families who lobbied for this, we wouldn’t have the wonderful facility that we do today,” Ms Holland said.

“The Birth Centre has three birthing rooms, each in a home-like environment with a birth pool, bed and facilities that instantly help to soothe and relax the mums and family-members.

“The model of care is also very accessible for the community and allows women to come in and access antenatal clinic rooms in the birth centre as well which is important.”

Sari said she valued all her dedicated and passionate midwifery staff – a testament that is echoed by those who have used the service, sometimes multiple times, such is the case with Natasha and Daniel Coates.

“I had my son and daughter in the Birth Centre and I can’t speak highly enough about it – I absolutely love the Birth Centre and everything it offers,” Natasha said.

“I love that it feels like a homely apartment room but there’s what I call the magic rolling door, so if something happens they have this amazing medical team hidden far enough away that it doesn’t affect the comfortable atmosphere but close enough to make me feel safe.

“It was also nice to have the freedom to know that it was my birth, my choice and I could have whoever I wanted in the room which is different to other places where I might only have my mother and one other person.”

The praise for the Birth Centre doesn’t stop at the rooms either; Natasha said her midwives made the whole experience memorable.

“My midwives were excellent and I learnt so much from them,” Natasha said.

“I’m always shocked when I talk to mums or pregnant women who have little or no information because I always think, ‘didn’t your midwife talk to you about this?’ I feel like I’ve done a mini nursing course because of what I’ve learnt from them.

“I also loved that my midwives were always just a text away if I needed it because it really made me feel supported after I left.”

Natasha had her daughter in the beautifully themed ‘forest’ room and her son in the ‘water’ room.

Last updated: 15 August 2018