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Ingham Health Service reaches two-year birthing milestone

19 July 2018

The Ingham Health Service has marked an important milestone this month, celebrating two-years of supporting local women to have their babies at Ingham Health Service.

Midwives in the planned, low-risk birthing service supported 43 women to have their babies locally and provided a further 20 women with important ante-natal care in the service’s second year.

Ingham Health Service Rural generalist obstetrician Dr Carmel Cockburn said the service was well-established in the community with women coming back to the service for their second and even third babies.

“It is a glowing endorsement when families choose to have their babies at our health service and receive their midwifery care with us for a second time,” she said.

“We have four incredibly passionate local midwives who support women through our midwifery group practice model-of-care which sees women cared for by one midwife from early pregnancy to six-weeks post-birth and this is something the community has responded well to.

“We are really proud of where the service is in its second year and are delighted to have been able to deliver a safe standard of care in this new service which has been positive for the local community.”

Ingham local Shari Poppi-Beatts said she had no reservations having another baby at the Ingham Health Service.

“I had my first son in Townsville but was able to have my second and third sons with the lovely Ingham birthing team,” she said.

“My youngest son was born eight weeks ago and I really didn’t think twice about receiving my midwifery and birthing care locally again; I was even lucky enough to have the same midwife both times.

“Nothing is too much trouble for anyone and my midwife was beautiful; I could message her at any time, she always listened and was comforting throughout the whole experience.”

Shari said it was great that the service was celebrating its second year.

“There are a lot of young families in the community so having a service locally situated has made a lot of difference for me and I’m sure it has for other women too,” she said.

Dr Cockburn said she looked forward to seeing where the service would grow in the future.

“Since July 2016 a total of 90 women have their babies at the Ingham Health Service,” she said.

“It has been a great privilege to provide this care to our local community and I hope that we continue to build on our reputation as a family-centred service.”

The level-three maternity service provides women in the community with comprehensive antenatal care in conjunction with rural generalist obstetricians and anaesthetists who support women to have their babies on-site in a comfortable birth room with the availability of a birth pool.

Women have local access to lactation support and 24-hour on-call availability from their midwife.

Last updated: 15 August 2018