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Ingham physiotherapist sets sights on Commonwealth Games

11 January 2018

A physiotherapist at the Ingham Health Service will play a pivotal role in this year’s Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast as a team physiotherapist for the country of Wales.

Stephen Bourke said he received the news that he would be a physiotherapist in the Commonwealth Games GC2018 medical team earlier this year.

“I was very happy and excited; I’ll be one of twenty team physiotherapists at the games,” he said.

“I will work in the athletes village during the games fine tuning the athletes as they prepare for their competitions, manage any niggling injuries that may arise, help rehabilitate any new or pre-existing injuries and liaise with team coaches, manager and doctors and the athletes about their injuries.

“I’ll also advise on modifications required to their training and their suitability to compete and during the games I will assist with pre-competition massage, strapping and provide first aid to team members and will provide physiotherapy post-competition too.”

Stephen said the Commonwealth Games were like going to Disneyland for a sports physiotherapist.

“This is my second time as a sports physiotherapist at the Commonwealth Games and I love the camaraderie of it all and making friends across the globe,” Stephen said.

“The cross-pollination of ideas with other team physios and the diversity from my day job is definitely a highlight. I’m also a general lover of sport as a spectator and participant which makes this experience even greater for me.

“It’s great seeing all of the different athletes from all the different countries too.”

Stephen said he would love to be a team physiotherapist for a third Commonwealth Games but his ultimate dream would be to go to the Olympic Games as a sports physiotherapist.

“Working as a rural and regional physiotherapist in Australia can make this a challenge as it is certainly easier if your country or city is hosting the event,” he said.

“It is definitely still a goal of mine and I plan to try my best to make this a reality in the future as it would be such a fulfilling experience.”

Last updated: 30 January 2018