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Coming to The Townsville Hospital

In life-threatening situations please call 000. Patients seeking emergency treatment should go directly to the Emergency Department.

The Townsville Hospital is a non-smoking campus. The ban extends to five meters beyond the boundary of the entire facility.

[+] Choosing healthcare delivery that is right for you

Eligible Australian residents may choose to receive private or public hospital services that can both be delivered from a public hospital. Overseas visitors from countries that have signed special agreements with Australia are entitled to emergency public hospital services free of charge.  Phone Medicare on 132 011 to find out if this applies to you.

Public healthcare
If you choose to be a public patient, generally treatment services will be given free of charge. If there are costs, they will be explained to you.

Private healthcare
There are times when people admitted to the wards are treated by a private doctor. If you are admitted as a private patient with single or shared cover you will need to give details of your health insurance during the admission process and will be asked to sign a health fund claim form. If you choose to be a private patient and don’t have private health insurance, you will have to pay the estimated cost before admission.

If you are being treated for a condition that may be covered by WorkCover please supply all relevant details to the hospital at the time of admission or before discharge.

Long-stay patients
Some adult patients, both private and public, who are still in hospital after 35 days may be assessed to see if they qualify as a Nursing Home Type- Patient (NHTP). If the patient qualifies as an NHTP, he or she will be charged a set accommodation fee, whether public or private, for their remaining stay in hospital. If this applies to you or your relatives, this will be fully discussed with you, including options for payment.

[+] Coming for an admission

  • All surgicalmedical and maternity patients being admitted to The Townsville Hospital should present to the Central Admissions area located in the front foyer at the main entrance to the hospital.
  • Women in labour should proceed directly to the Birth Suite where the admission process will be undertaken.
  • Patients for the Hyperbaric, Renal or Oncology Units are requested to present at the relevant unit for admission.

If you are unsure of where to go, visit Central Admissions in the foyer of The Townsville Hospital or see the floor maps.

[+] What to bring if staying in hospital

Patients coming to The Townsville Hospital overnight should pack the following items:

  • admission advice
  • completed admission form
  • night attire (you may bring your own or use a gown provided by the hospital – please label your belongings with your name)
  • dressing gown and slippers
  • toiletries
  • a small amount of money for personal needs such as taxi fare home or using a payphone
  • any prescription medicine
  • x-rays
  • Medicare card
  • Pension card
  • Health Care Card
  • name and contact number for your next of kin.

Personal belongings
A bedside locker is situated next to each bed for your personal belongings; however, we strongly recommend that you do not bring any valuables to hospital.

While you can be assured that our staff will take every care, the hospital cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to any property you keep at your bedside.

[+] Having a baby

Here at The Townsville Hospital we want to help make your pregnancy and birth as special as possible. We strive to empower birth choices and continually improve and develop the services that we have on offer for expectant parents.

Maternity patients should bring the following items with them when coming to hospital:

  • 2 - 3 growsuits or clothes for baby to wear in hospital
  • one set of clothes for baby to go home in
  • 2 - 3 bunny rugs
  • one packet of baby wipes
  • one bottle of bathing solution/ soap for baby
  • one packet of disposable nappies (enough nappies for 2 - 3 days)
  • nightwear and casual clothes for daywear for the mother
  • underwear, footwear and toiletries for the mother
  • maternity sanitary pads
  • formula and bottles for parents choosing to bottle feed their baby. Sterilising equipment is available.

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[+] Visiting hours and contacting patients

Visiting hours
The visiting hours for all TTH units is 8am-8pm. We welcome the families and carers of our patients as an important source of support and as an extension of the healthcare team.

We ask you to remember during visiting that many of our patients require rest for their recovery, so please be mindful of this when visiting. Some ward areas may also have rest times established, when the lights are dimmed and visitors are asked to keep noise to a minimum. Patients may request no visitors at times and this will be respected.

Many complex processes and procedures happen during healthcare. There may be times when you are asked to leave the area for short periods as a result of this care being provided to our patients. If you are unsure about the best time for visiting, we encourage you to talk directly to staff on the ward.

Contacting patients in hospital
Patients at The Townsville Hospital can be contacted by phoning the switchboard on (07) 4433 1111 and asking to be connected to their ward.  Each patient has a telephone by their bedside.

Family and friends are encouraged to make direct contact with patients for information.

The phone number for the bedside telephone is: (07) 4433 followed by the ward area and the bed number. Ward areas are:

  • Oncology, Maternity and children's ward = 70
  • Medical Ward area = 71
  • Surgical Ward areas = 72

eg. bed 37 in surgical = (07) 4433 7237

[+] Hand washing

To prevent the incidence or spread of infections, it is very important that the nurses, doctors and other staff looking after you wash their hands or use hand sanitiser before and after having contact with you. It is perfectly okay to remind your healthcare worker to wash their hands. They will appreciate the reminder and it will help prevent the incidence and spread of infection in our hospital.

All visitors and family members should also use the hand sanitisers located around the hospital before and after visiting you in hospital.

[+] Interpreter services and cultural support

Interpreter services
We can provide an interpreter if English is not our patients first language. Interpreter services are free and are usually only available by telephone. Auslan interpreters can be provided in person or via a video link for the deaf or hearing impaired.

Cultural support
Indigenous Hospital Liaison Officers (IHLO) liaise and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients and their families in their patient journey within the hospital.

IHLOs also provide cultural consultancy to health professionals and provide health education to the patients of the health services. If you would like to speak to an IHLO please phone (07) 4433 2227 or ask a staff member.

[+] Pharmacy

The hospital pharmacy is located in the main foyer for eligible patients only.
Last updated: 27 May 2019