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Visiting/Contacting Patients at The Townsville Hospital

Visitors welcome 8am-8pm across all Townsville Hospital and Health Service Facilities

The visiting hours for all THHS units is 8am-8pm. We welcome the families and carers of our patients as an important source of support, and as an extension of the healthcare team. 

THHS introduced more flexible visiting in July 2015 as part of our Person Centred Care initiative, after feedback from patients and families indicated their preference for a change to visiting practices. This was successfully trialled for six months, and is now a permanent feature at THHS. We understand the importance of visitors to our patients, and we also recognise that families and carers have other obligations that can be difficult to manage when a loved one is requiring inpatient care. 

We do ask you to remember during visiting that many of our patients require rest for their recovery, so please be mindful of this when visiting. Some ward areas may also have rest times established, when the lights are dimmed and visitors are asked to keep noise to a minimum. Patients may request no visitors at times, and this will be respected. 

Many complex processes and procedures happen during healthcare. There may be times when you are asked to leave the area for short periods as a result of this care being provided to our patients. If you are unsure about the best time for visiting, we encourage you to talk directly to staff on the ward. 

If you would like to comment further on visiting practices at THHS please email the Person Centred Care unit.

Contacting patients at The Townsville Hospital

Patients at The Townsville Hospital can be contacted by phoning the switchboard on 4433 1111 and asking to be connected to their ward.  Each patient has a telephone by their bedside.

Family and friends are encouraged to make direct contact with patients for information.

The phone number for the bedside telephone is:  4433 followed by the ward area and the bed number. Ward areas are:

  • Oncology, Maternity  and children's ward = 70
  • Medical Ward area =71 and
  • Surgical Ward areas = 72. 

eg. bed 37 in surgical = 4433 7237 .

Incoming calls are welcome from 8am-8pm.


Public Car parking areas are located opposite the main entrance. Disabled car parks are available adjacent to the front entrance of the hospital.

A short term drop-off point is located at the front entrance of the hospital.


The Volunteers Information Desk can provide information about patient location, hospital services and the location of the units and departments.  It is located at the end of the main corridor, on the ground floor, adjacent to the public lifts.


Please note that smoking is not permitted at The Townsville Hospital.

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Last updated: 22 October 2018