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The Townsville Hospital and Health Service (THHS) is undergoing considerable redevelopment to increase health services for the people of North Queensland.

The Townsville Hospital (TTH) Redevelopment

The redeveloped Townsville Hospital will offer the local and regional community a wider range of health services.  The redevelopment will future-proof the hospital and allow for further expansion to meet future demand.

The improved Townsville Hospital will significantly expand health services in the Townsville region and deliver long-lasting benefits to the local community. The redevelopment is part of a major network of hospital infrastructure developments to meet the future health care needs of North Queensland. 

In July 2011 the hospital's new $94 Million North Block opened as the first stage of the $449 million redevelopment project.  North Block included the opening of the hospital's new 75 bay emergency department (ED) which is now the biggest ED in Queensland.  North Block also includes a 34 bed maternity unit and an expanded Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Redevelopment at The Townsville Hospital continues at a brisk pace and we look forward to expanding our services further to cater to the health care needs of the people of north and north-west Queensland.

The five stages of the redevelopment include

Stages 1 and 2 (completed)

Emergency Department, Maternity Unit, Intensive Care Unit, Medical
Imaging expansion, and Neonatal Intensive Care Services

Stage 3 (Completed)
Operating Theatres, Clinical Support and Services Building, Central Energy
Facility, Pathology expansion, South Block

Stage 4 (Completed)
Townsville Cancer Centre expansion

Stage 5
Planned Procedure Centre (PPC)

Front of Townsville Hospital drop off zone
Townsville Hospital drop off side view Emergency side view

Stages 1 and 2 (completed)
Emergency Department, Maternity Unit, Intensive Care Unit, Medical
Imaging Expansion, and Neonatal Intensive Care Services
Stage 1 and Stage 2 provides:

  • expanded emergency department with 75 treatment spaces and 16 emergency short-stay beds
  • expanded medical imaging
  • 34-bed maternity inpatient unit
  • support facilities
  • office and educational space
  • 30-bed intensive care unit
  • expansion and refurbishment of neonatal intensive care to 50 cots
  • new birthing suite
  • plant space

Stage 3 (Completed)
Operating Theatres, Clinical Support and Services Building, Central Energy
Facility, Pathology Expansion, South Block Inpatient Facility

A building extension at the front of TTH has been completed (October 2012) with two new operating theatres and support services, for better cardiac and orthopaedic/trauma surgical services. Shell space has also been provided on the ground floor for future medical imaging expansion.

The new Clinical Support and Services Building (CSSB) due for completion in August 2014 includes:

  • mortuary and waste management space at basement level
  • shell space for oncology services (fitout in Stage 4)
  • medical records storage and expanded clinical information support at level 1
  • shell space at level 2
  • more office and support accommodation at level 3
  • plant at level 4

The existing acute hospital will have more housekeeping services and staff amenity space, and a new larger kitchen.

A new larger Central Energy Facility at the eastern end of the hospital campus was completed in June 2013, and provides more infrastructure capacity and ability for future expansion.

Pathology services will expand eastward into a new purpose-built facility. The new laboratories will help meet current and future needs of the hospital and district. The building structure will be designed for vertical expansion, maximising future flexibility.

The South Block facility will have three floors, one shell and two fitted out. Its design will allow for three more levels in the future. The Master Plan proposes a future clinic between South Block and the main hospital for outpatient and ambulatory space.

Stage 4
Townsville Cancer Centre expansion

The Townsville Cancer Centre expansion includes a significant enhancement to the Cancer Care Centre.  Initially, the existing Cancer Centre will be expanded with three new radiotherapy bunkers, radiotherapy clinics and support spaces, and more day therapy treatment places.

Enhancements will include:

  • Expansion of radiation therapy services by increasing the number of linear accelerators from 3 to 5 units
  • Introduction of new treatment technology
  • Additional Day Unit treatment spaces
  • Additional clinical consultation rooms
  • Increased capacity for tele-oncology services
  • Increased capacity for clinical trials with purpose designed space 

In addition other enhanced cancer services will include

  • Paediatric Oncology Unit including 3 treatment chairs, procedure room, plan area and a Ronald MacDonald sponsored family area
  • Establishment of a PET_CT service for North Queensland.

Stage 5
Planned Procedure Centre (PPC)

The proposed Planned Procedure Centre (PPC) aims to enhance regional access to elective surgery. The PPC will focus on day cases to reduce pressure on the existing operating theatre suites, and minimise the impact of unplanned emergency cases disrupting scheduled elective cases.

Two new procedure rooms of generic operating room size will be provided along with support space, additional recovery bed bays, second and third stage recovery spaces and day surgery capacity.

Other THHS Redevelopment Projects

Townsville Sub-acute Facility (Completed)

The Townsville Sub-acute Facility will provide additional rehabilitation care capacity for the Townsville Hospital and Health Service to cater for both elderly and general rehabilitation patients. The major components of the project include:

-         The demolition of the old CSIRO Davies Laboratories located in the north west corner of the Eastern Campus site;

-         Construction of two accommodation wings including 45 beds

-         Construction of a third wing including reception and waiting area, patient rehabilitation, therapy areas, dining, lounge, administrative and staff areas

-         A 60-80 space car park for staff and visitors 

Adolescent Inpatient Unit and Day Service (Completed)An Adolescent Inpatient Unit and Day Service is currently proposed to be built on the Kirwan Campus in Townsville.  This is a major project and is expected to be completed in July 2013.  Adolescent Inpatient Unit and Day Service is one of four Adolescent Inpatient Unit and Day Services in Queensland providing

  • Inpatient Unit - Beds for 8 clients
  • Day Program - 12 places

The Day Program for Clients aged 12 - 18 covers

  • Therapeutic milieu, multi modal treatment, education, intensive case management
  • Planned and structured 10 week school-term admissions (re-negotiable)
  • Assertive outreach and engagement

Medium health rehabilitation The medium health rehabilitation service has been allocated funding for minor improvements/enhancements to the existing structure to effectively accommodate a change in service provision to improve and focus on rehabilitation services.  This will increase patient and staff safety.

The project will be completed in early 2016.  It will create an improved and effective medium health rehabilitation service located at Townsville, servicing the Townsville District and Northern Queensland..

These services ensure the active involvement of consumers, families and carers in all aspects of care in a system which is structured to promote resilience and recovery.

Redevelopment User Groups

User Groups have an important role to play in redevelopment projects, through the provision of advice to the District Executive and Project Consultants on operational issues, functional relationships, models of care, design features, departmental fit-out, equipment etc.  User Groups are flexible, being formed when there is a need identified for input on a particular project, area or issue requiring input.

Health and Safety Awareness

As safety is a paramount concern for all staff at Queensland Health, please follow this advice from the Occupational Health and Safety Unit.  All construction sites are restricted work areas. This means the only employees allowed into these areas are the relevant contractors and authorised Queensland Health employees such as engineering and safety staff.  Strictly observe No Entry signs. The area is still a construction site whether workers are in attendance or not and entry is illegal.  Should you, as an employee, have a health and safety concern with any of the construction sites, please contact your supervisor who is asked to contact the Workplace Health and Safety Team.  Staff are invited to email any comments or concerns.

Please send your thoughts to THHS-Infrastructure Office team.  Your feedback will be used to inform both the District Executive and the THHS Redevelopment Unit.

Traffic and Parking Alerts

There may be some changes to traffic conditions/flow within the TTH campus throughout the redevelopment.   It is important take care on the roads around the Douglas precinct as conditions change.

Driver safetyWhen moving in and around the construction zones of the hospital, please be mindful of large machinery movements, semi-trailers etc.  In addition to heavy machinery traffic, there will be a general increase in vehicle numbers accessing the campus.

For further information please email: THHS-Infrastructure Office

Last updated: 6 August 2018