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Resource Directory - Elective Surgery


Elective surgery is surgery that is needed but can be delayed for at least 24 hours. Patients who need elective surgery are placed on a register that their surgery can be planned.
When a person is placed on the register they are assessed by a surgeon and prioritised depending on the urgency of their condition and a category is assigned. There are three urgency categories, where 1 is most urgent and 3 is least urgent.

The categorisation system ensures that people most in need of care are treated first. Patients are treated in order of medical priority and not in order of when they were added to the list.
Surgeons from The Townsville Hospital also routinely perform elective surgical procedures in rural hospitals such as Ingham and Ayr.  This allows patients from these areas to have their surgeries where they live. 

By performing surgery locally, it eliminates the need for patients to come to Townsville and allows them to be close to family and friends during their hospitalisation and recovery.

The procedures carried out in rural areas are undertaken by specialist surgeons and anaesthetists from The Townsville Hospital. 

If a surgeon is scheduled to operate in Ingham or Ayr and has places on his or her surgical list, patients from Townsville are also given the opportunity to consider having their surgeries done as part of that list.

This also allows some patients to have their operations earlier than originally planned.

Patients are not obligated to accept this offer; it is their choice.

Patients who do elect to have their procedures performed at rural hospitals are offered travel assistance through Queensland Health’s Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme (PTSS)

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Last updated: 31 May 2012