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Resource Directory, Maternity Ward / Women's Unit


The Maternity Ward/Women's Unit provides both inpatient and outpatient, postnatal women and women undergoing Gynaecology procedures within the Local Townsville District and on a broader scale a Level 3 or Tertiary service to North Queensland north from Sarina to Thursday Island.

The Maternity Staff believe that every mother, infant and family is entitled to receive the highest possible standard of care available. Meeting changing health care needs can be achieved by high quality midwifery care, which has been negotiated with informed choice by the mother and within a partnership between Mother and Midwife, to meet the biological, psychosocial and spiritual needs of the mothers and their families. We believe that by assisting to provide the necessary education, knowledge and skills required for mother-crafting and parenting, the family will be more able to care for their new baby,with confidence, upon their return home.

Whether care is offered in the home or hospital, we believe it is every parent's right to participate in the decision making process relating to their health care to ensure an informed choice. We believe parents are entitled to receive Women-Centred Maternity Care, delivered in a manner that is creative, empowering, flexible and supportive.

We recognise the responsibility we have to the Community in the promotion of Health and Safety by teaching, participation and involvement in ongoing and continuous education and research.

Midwifery Care Program - Home visiting

  • Midwifery Led Service;
  • Antenatal and Postnatal extended Midwifery Outreach Service;
  • 7 day per week service - 2 midwives rostered;
  • Women are seen daily by Midwives at home;
  • Visiting from 6 hours postnatal to approx day 7 postnatal.

Lactation service

  • Lactation Consultant;
  • MonthlyAntenatal Breast Feeding Classes;
  • Monthly Postnatal Breast Feeding Classes;
  • Consultant for the Hospital and District;
  • Regular in-service education for all Staff and Clients;
  • Direct inpatient and outpatient consultation with clients.

Community midwives clinics

Antenatal care will be provided by a Midwife in a Community-based setting co-located with Child Health Services. This service offers collaborative service to members of the community - service can be appointment-driven or walk-in driven. A strong collaborative partnership with the Local GP is in place. Service offered at Upper Ross and Palm Island at this time. Chosen by Queensland Health to participate in Nurse Practitioner Trial Community Midwife.

Inpatient gynaecology services

Booked elective Gynaecology cases.

Antenatal education classes

  • 4 X2 hr sessions per week;
  • Midwifery led service
  • Sessions are designed so as to provide small group Adult Education Learning;
  • Adolescent Parenting Education Program in partnership with Child Health and Centre link - 12-week program which includes antenatal education sessions 4 weeks contact via Child Health.

Phone numbers

 Maternity Ward +61 7 4433 2300, +61 7 4433 2305
 Women's Unit +61 7 4433 2300
 Midwifery Care Program +61 7 4433 2354
 Lactation Consultation+ 61 7  4433 3753
 Community Midwife 0437 550 171
Last updated: 13 December 2017