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Surgical Services


The Institute of Surgery at Townsville Health Service District provides specialist care in general surgery and in many other surgical specialities. The surgical specialities include Neurosurgery, ENT Ophthalmology, Vascular surgery, Plastic Surgery Maxilliofacial surgery and Orthopaedic surgery and all of these surgical disciplines together with general surgery have a common contact point.

The Institute of surgery also provides special care in Paediatric surgery but please note that the primary contact area for Paediatric Surgical Clinic is within the Women’s and Children’s Institute on the ground floor of the acute block at The Townsville Hospital.

Referrals to the Ophthalmic outpatients may also be made on +61 7 4433 2775 and this clinic is also located on the second level of the acute block.

Referral Process

Referral procedures are obviously dependent upon clinical status and may be broadly thought of as:

Emergencies via Emergency Department.

Urgent via telephone direct with the registrar in the discipline of Neuroscience, ENT, Ophthalmology, Vascular, Plastic, Maxilliofacial and Orthopaedic surgery. Some surgical registrars wear several hats and if wishing to make phone contact of an urgent nature it is best to ask for the appropriate speciality registrar and you will be put in contact with the appropriate registrar.

Elective outpatient appointments are made quite readily by fax or by letter direct to the person involved or to the specialist clinic requested and forwarded to the Surgical Primary Reception Centre where it will be prioritised following medical review.

Paediatric surgical requests should be addressed to the Paediatric Surgeon at ground floor, Women’s and Children's Institute.

All of these surgical services are provided by specialist surgical staff committed to your surgical well-being.

Direct referrals to the Plaster Room cannot be considered. Patients with fractures must be referred to the emergency Department of to Fracture Clinic.

Contact Details




 Ophthalmic  Outpatients

 Surgery Reception Centre,
 Level  2, Acute Block,
 The Townsville  Hospital,
100 Angus Smith Drive,
 Douglas QLD 4814

 Women & Children's Institute,
 Ground Floor,
 The Townsville Hospital,
 100 Angus Smith  Drive,
 Douglas QLD 4814

 Surgery Reception Centre,
 Level 2, Acute Block,
 The Townsville Hospital,
 100 Angus Smith Drive,
 Douglas QLD 4814

 Postal Address

 IMB 79,
 PO Box 670, Townsville QLD 4810

 IMB 85,
 PO Box 670, Townsville QLD 4810
 IMB 79,
 PO Box 670,  Townsville QLD 4810
 Phone  +61 7 4433 2700   +61 7 4433 1450   +61 7 4433 2700
 Facsimile  +61 7 4433 2810   +61 7 4433 1489   +61 7 4433 2751

Last updated: 28 June 2012