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Study, education and research trust account (SERTA)

SERTA is administered by the Research Trust Fund Advisory Committee (RTFAC). Applications and correspondence for SERTA are managed by the THHS Research Education, Support, and Administration unit (TRESA).

This page contains information on the following:

What is SERTA?

The Department of Health Fees and Charges Register ensures that fees are charged when a private practice service is performed at THHS. This money is then designated to SERTA to fund research and education at a local level.

The SERTA funds are used for the following purposes:

  1. Grants for study, research, conference and educational purposes for medically-qualified employees of THHS.
  2. Equipment or property for operational, research and education purposes.
  3. Funds to the hospital to employ staff who are engaged in research or education.
  4. Support non-medically qualified THHS employees for the purposes as set out in points (1) and (2), on the recommendation of the RFTAC.
Last updated: 31 January 2018

SERTA Contacts
Secretariate - RTFAC:

Kelly Parker
Phone: (07) 4433 2459

Manager - TRESA:

Sue Jenkins-Marsh 
Phone: (07) 4433 1358