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The Prince Charles Hospital Specialist Outpatient Service - Public and Private (Queensland Health)

The Specialist Outpatient Service is a major referral centre located on The Prince Charles Hospital campus, providing patients with specialist outpatient services catering for a wide range of specialties.  Specialist Outpatient Services will be provided in accordance with the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights and the Queensland Health Hospital Outpatient and Ambulatory Services Governance Policy.

The role and function of outpatient and ambulatory services includes:

  • Specialist assessment (including related diagnostic services and patient review)
  • Standalone treatment/intervention service
  • Where appropriate, ongoing specialist management of patients with complex conditions
  • Care required before and after an acute admission which cannot be delivered in another setting (pre-admission and post discharge follow up)
  • Conducting clinical research and training in clinics established for this purpose

Last updated: 13 January 2016

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General enquiries:

  • Telephone: 07 3139 4207