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Counselling and Support Groups - Social Work Services at The Prince Charles Hospital (Queensland Health)

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Social Workers are skilled in counselling and work with patients and their families in hospitals.  Reasons for accessing counselling can be for a person to explore their experience of a recent health crisis, a diagnosis or the changes their health can have on family life, employment, life goals and their emotional life.

You may prefer to access counselling on discharge from hospital, and the Social Worker can meet with you to identify services in the community and make a referral if that is appropriate. 

You can explore the Commonwealth Carelink website (external site) for counselling services in your local area or try the Lifeline database (external site).

Support Groups

Support groups are a useful way of sharing your experiences with others to gain support and information.  Sometimes being able to share your story with others who understand through their own experience, offers opportunities to help you manage your own health or support someone else.

Social Workers facilitate support groups in specialist areas within the hospital and can give you information on group times and topics.   Please ask your social worker for more information on groups within the hospital or contact Allied Health Reception on 3139 4443.

Support groups are currently being run across Heart transplant, Lung Transplant, Pulmonary Hypertension and Respiratory areas.

There is information on supports groups in all areas, from mental health to breast cancer, on the Queensland Health website (enter a search for "support groups").

Carer Support

Being a carer is an important and challenging role which brings with it great responsibility and also fulfilment.  Caring can have a significant impact on a carer's life both during and after the carer role has finished.
The health of the carer is important, both physically and emotionally, and there are services available to support the person in their carer role.  Have a look through the following documents (Carers Queensland external site) relating to carer support: 

Carers Queensland provide a series of support groups and social groups for carers to meet monthly, and are a great opportunity to gain information, socialise or share your experience.  Refer to the Carers Queensland (external site) for more information.

Alzheimer's Association of Queensland (external site) and Alzheimer's Australia (external site) provide carer sessions and information on additional supports for the person with dementia.

Last updated: 1 April 2010