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Social Work Department - The Prince Charles Hospital (Queensland Health)

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Social Workers can assist you in dealing with the emotional and practical issues that may arise because of your illness. Social Workers are available to help patients, families, carers and support people in hospital and community services throughout the Health Service District.

You can access Social Work Services by asking on the ward or by calling (07) 3139 4443.

Services provided

  • Counselling, support and group work
  • Helping you to find your best way of coping with the impact of illness
  • Assisting you with information about lifestyle options/resources that may be needed as a consequence of illness
  • Creating a supportive environment for voicing concerns
  • Ensuring you and your family remain informed about your illness and treatment. This includes arranging family conferences and liaising with members of your treating team
  • Assisting with the process of residential aged care placement and respite
  • Facilitating support groups within the hospital
  • Linking you with support groups in the community


It may be that you or a loved one has been admitted to hospital. The psychological, emotional and social issues arising from hospital admission may have a significant impact on your life and on those of your family, friends and carers.

Social Workers can intervene on many levels to provide assistance in managing the implications of serious illness.

On a psychological level we provide:

  • Supportive counselling for individuals, families and carers. This may be in relation to your illness and treatment, family and relationships, self esteem and confidence, lifestyle changes, or making difficult decisions
  • Grief and loss counselling in relation to your experiences of grief and bereavement
  • Crisis intervention in response to the impact of trauma on you and your family
  • Referral to, and information on, further counselling support services on leaving hospital. 

Information and Assistance

Social Workers are able to assist you in the following areas.   You can also access more detailed informaton by clicking on the topics below or using the keywords on the left.

  • Transport issues such as eligibility for obtaining financial assistance with the cost of your travel to the hospital from regional areas
  • Assisting with short stay accommodation for relatives and outpatients  near the hospital and information on PTSS.
  • Accessing affordable housing such as public housing and community rent scheme housing
  • Applying for income support  through Centrelink
  • Legal issues  such as appointing someone to act on your behalf if you are unable to - giving them Enduring Power of Attorney - or making an Advance Health Directive so your wishes about what types of medical treatment you do and do not want are known if you are unable to communicate or make decisions for yourself
  • Information about aged care services such as community support services to help you stay at home, and residential aged care facilities
  • Providing you with details of support and counselling services available in the community
  • To assist you with coping with grief and loss issues
  • Information about parenting, family and relationships (link to external site)
  • Information about child abuse or neglect (link to external site) and how to access support

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Last updated: 1 April 2010