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Housing - Social Work Services - The Prince Charles Hospital (Queensland Health)

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Department of Housing

Public housing (formerly known as Housing Commission) is affordable housing available to people on low to moderate incomes. Housing is offered generally on a wait turn basis and you can expect to wait several years before an offer of housing is made. If you are in a situation where your or your family's safety, security or health is under threat, you may be eligible for specific needs housing (formerly known as priority housing), which means that your application will be considered ahead of others. However, even if you are eligible for specific needs housing, you can expect to wait several months for housing to become available. Your Social Worker may be able to assist you with this prioritisation.

Contact your local Department of Housing office to make an appointment to discuss your housing needs. Further details about housing assistance through the Department of Housing are available on the Department of Housing website (external site).

Community Rent Scheme housing

If you are eligible for public housing, you may also be eligible for community rent scheme housing if you have an immediate housing need. This is affordable housing temporarily provided until you move into public housing. The target groups of the scheme are young people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people with a disability, single people, and women and children affected by domestic violence. The Department of Housing can provide you with the contact details of the community organisation providing Community Rent Scheme housing in your preferred areas.

Emergency housing

If you need emergency accommodation, contact your local Department of Housing office (external site) to find out what is available. Options are extremely limited. Information about Emergency Housing options is available on the Housing Queensland website (external site).

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Last updated: 13 October 2010