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Dr Margaret Young

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Dr Margaret Young
WBHHS Director & Public Health Physician
  • Dr Margaret Young is the Director and Public Health Physician at the Wide Bay Public Health Unit.
  • Dr Young is a medically trained doctor with specialist qualifications in Public Health Medicine which is concerned with the promotion of health and prevention of disease and illness at the population level.
  • The Public Health Unit provides multi-disciplinary community-oriented communicable disease control and environmental health services, complementing health protection functions of overnment and non-government agencies.
  • Dr Young worked in hospital-based medicine and general practice in Australia before working as a volunteer in Cambodia in the early to mid 1990s. There she began to more fully understand the contribution to health outcomes of the environment, socio-economic circumstances, literacy and education, in addition to personal behaviours.
  • Since completing public health medicine training, she has worked at the Communicable Disease Unit in Brisbane and the Gold Coast Public Health Unit before moving to the Wide Bay eight years ago.

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Last updated: 25 October 2013