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Visitor policy update due to COVID-19

Visitor policy update due to COVID-19

The safety of our patients, visitors and staff is our highest priority and we understand that visiting loved ones in hospital is important, just as much as their health.

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect our patients, visitors and staff, we have measures in place.

The use of telephone and electronic communications (such as video chats) are also encouraged to keep in contact with friends and family.


Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service visitor restrictions - all facilities

Updated 14 June at 10am

From Monday the 30 May, restrictions were lifted that prevented unvaccinated people visiting hospitals and community clinics. There are restrictions still in place for visitors to be vaccinated at aged care facilities, such as our Multipurpose Health Services (MPHS) and there are local requirements in place in regards to some high-risk areas of our acute facilities.

These restrictions do not apply to patients. Everyone will receive care or treatment at our hospitals, regardless of their vaccination status.

Visiting patients

Visitor restrictions have been modified across the Wide Bay Hospitals.  Visitors who are unvaccinated may now visit hospitals and community clinics within Wide Bay.

From 17 December, unvaccinated people are unable to visit, residential aged care, disability accommodation services, and prisons.

Thank you for your patience and for being kind to our staff as they help keep everyone safe. Every visitor will be required to:

  • Sanitise their hands.
  • Wear a face mask

More about visiting our hospitals

Hospital access

Visitors to our rural MPHS facilities will be required to check in

Every visitor will go through a screening process before entering the hospital where they will be asked to:

  • check-in using the Check-In Qld app.  If you don't have a smartphone, alternative options are available at the entry for check-in.
  • provide proof of vaccination status (either digital or paper)
  • answer a series of health questions
  • sanitise their hands.

Visitors to our hospitals and MPHS facilities must follow the additional Queensland Health advice around isolation and quarantine requirements. You also must not visit if you have a temperature or flu like symptoms.

There are exemptions that may be grated for special circumstances. Please call your MPHS to discuss.

Social distancing

We ask that visitors follow these restrictions and social distancing rules as follows:

  • Visitors only allowed between 11am – 8pm daily,
  • each patient may have multiple visits per day,
  • two visitors per visit,
  • for any length of time, within visiting hours,
  • all visitors must practice social distancing rules implemented by the Queensland Government.

For statewide information, visit:

A manager or team leader of any area may restrict visitors further for clinical or social distancing needs as required.

All permitted visitors must wash their hands upon entry and exit of each ward or service area and adhere to application of personal protective equipment if directed to by a staff member.


Wards with additional restrictions

Additional restrictions may apply for some areas. These include:

  • COVID-19 Inpatient Wards and COVID-19 ICU – No visitors
  • The Emergency Department permits one visitor in the non-designated COVID area.

Mental Health visitors

We will continue to offer visits as practicably as possible in line with the Mental Health Act 2016 and our COVID-19 planning and response:

  • Visits will be encouraged via electronic devices when clinically appropriate
  • Nominated support persons (NSP), legal and other advisors are all permitted visitors under the Hospital Visitors Direction for the purpose of undertaking a ‘care and support’ visit
  • As a result, visits by these persons may have multiply visits per day, within visiting hours and at the discretion of manager and team leaders based on clinical and social distancing requirements
  • When a person is admitted to the inpatient unit in the company of their family/friend/carer a booklet for NSP should be given along with their rights under the MHA. This should all be explained to the patient and or their family/friend/carer. This ensures that signatures can be obtained as required early on.
  • All patients under the MHA 2016, admitted to the inpatient unit, should be informed about the Nominated support persons (NSP) process
  • Social distancing requirements must be complied with. Should a visitor refuse to comply it may be appropriate to use section 408 of the MHA if the visit may have an adverse impact to the patient’s treatment and care. Should this situation arise, please escalate via appropriate clinical senior/management at the time.
Got any of these symptoms? Get tested.
If you’re experiencing any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 – including fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath, diarrhoea, vomiting/nausea, or loss of smell or taste – you should be tested. To find out where to get tested in Wide Bay, visit our  fever clinics page

Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service

Last updated: 29 April 2020