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Consumer Information

Consumer information

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First Nations Health Equity Strategy 2022-2025 - Implementation Plan (PDF 6723 kB)Consumer Information 
Acute Pain Management Plan
(PDF 358 kB)
Consumer Information 
Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement (PDF 4035 kB)Consumer Information 
Female Self Catheterisation Handout (PDF 404 kB)Consumer Information 
Important Information for Clients Brochure (PDF 255 kB)Consumer Information 
Unacceptable Behaviour Management Consumer Brochure (PDF 504 kB)Consumer Information 
First Nations Health Equity Strategy 2022-2025 (DRAFT) (PDF 7786 kB)Consumer Information 
Older Persons Mental Health Service (PDF 242 kB)Consumer Information 
Emergency Department Patient Information Factsheet (PDF 500 kB)Consumer Information 
Persistent Pain - Useful conversations about your chronic pain (PDF 730 kB)Consumer Information 
Methotrexate treatment for ectopic pregnancy (PDF 212 kB)Consumer Information 
Misoprostol (Cytotec) - For medical management of miscarriage (PDF 210 kB)Consumer Information 
Geriatric Emergency Department Intervention - Fraser Coast (PDF 717 kB)Consumer Information 
Eat, Walk, Engage Brochure - Bundaberg (PDF 595 kB)Consumer Information 
Eat, Walk, Engage Brochure - Hervey Bay (PDF 607 kB)Consumer Information 
Eat, Walk, Engage Brochure - Maryborough (PDF 655 kB)Consumer Information 
Breastfeeding - signs your baby is breastfeeding well (PDF 310 kB)Consumer Information 
Child Health - Bundaberg & North Burnett Regions (PDF 847 kB)Consumer Information 
Mental Health - Care Review Brochure (PDF 438 kB)Consumer Information 
Supporting patients when acute hospital care is no longer required (PDF 999 kB)Consumer Information 
Emptying your bladder after giving birth (PDF 461 kB)Consumer Information 
Promoting recovery and building resilience brochure (PDF 524 kB)Consumer Information 
Discharge advice following epidural or spinal analgesia and/or anaesthesia (PDF 184 kB)Consumer Information 
Understanding your PICC line - Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PDF 484 kB)Consumer Information 
Fraser Coast Falls Prevention - Service Information (PDF 761 kB)Consumer Information 
Fraser Coast Falls Prevention Tips (PDF 2570 kB)Consumer Information 
Cancer Care Coordination Service - Bundaberg (PDF 958 kB)Consumer Information 
Cancer Care Coordination Service - Fraser Coast (PDF 764 kB)Consumer Information 
Oral Health - How to keep your teeth healthy (PDF 1517 kB)Consumer Informationkids, child, childrn, teeth, dental, dentist, oral
Oral Health - Denture Instructions Patient Information (PDF 545 kB)Consumer Information 
Bundaberg ICU Patient Information Brochure (PDF 837 kB)Consumer Information 
Patient Controlled Analgesia Brochure (PDF 1620 kB) Consumer Information  
Pain Medication Brochure - Oxycodone (PDF 716 kB) Consumer Information  
Making Tracks Pocket Guide (PDF 645 kB) Consumer Information  
Mental Health Hospital in the Home (PDF 3668 kB) Consumer Information  
Hand Hygiene Consumer Information  
WBHHS Inpatient Safety Video Video  
Cleaning up to prevent gastro outbreak (PDF 717 kB) Health Information  
Diarrhoea in young children Health Information  
Elective Surgery - Patient Information (PDF 728 kB) Patient Information Guide  
Falls prevention Health Information  
Gastroenteritis Health Information  
Guidance on use of rainwater tanks (PDF 588 kB) Health Information  
Guidance on use of rainwater tanks (PDF 849 kB) Health Information  
Hand hygiene information Health Information  
Immunisation for travel Health Information  
Influenza Health Information  
Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme Health Information  
Patient Identification Poster - Your safety is our priority (PDF 458 kB) Consumer Information  
Pertussis Health Information  
Pressure injury prevention Health Information  
Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights Consumer Information  
Top Tips for Safe Health Care Consumer Information  
Ryan's Rule Consumer Information  
Choosing Wisely Consumer Information  
Bundaberg Hospital Patient Information Guide (PDF 3512 kB) Patient Information Guide  
Hervey Bay Hospital Patient Information Guide  (PDF 2982 kB) Patient Information Guide  
Maryborough Hospital Patient Information Guide (PDF 3228 kB) Patient Information Guide  
Biggenden Multipurpose Health Service Brochure (PDF 1172 kB) Facility Brochure  
Childers Multipurpose Health Service Brochure (PDF 1269 kB) Facility Brochure  
Eidsvold Hospital Brochure (PDF 1303 kB) Facility Brochure  
Gayndah Hospital Brochure (PDF 1230 kB) Facility Brochure  
Gin Gin Hospital Brochure (PDF 1142 kB) Facility Brochure  
Mundubbera Multipurpose Health Service Brochure (PDF 1158 kB) Facility Brochure  
Maryborough Hospital Map (PDF 1205 kB) Facility Map  
Bundaberg Hospital Map (PDF 858 kB) Facility Map  
Hervey Bay Hospital Map (PDF 3399 kB) Facility Map  
Travel Assistance for families of patients transferred to a rural facility (PDF 514 kB) Patient Information Guide 
Consumer Partnership Group Brochure (PDF 474 kB)Consumer Information

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Last updated: 26 March 2020