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Tuberculosis screening at Hervey Bay Hospital

Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service is in the process of notifying a small number of staff and patients for screening and checks, after a former Hervey Bay Hospital locum doctor tested positive for tuberculosis (TB).

The locum doctor briefly worked in the pediatrics unit between July 29th, 2019, and August 3rd, 2019, and only came into contact with a small number of staff and patients.

While the risk of transmission is low, precautionary screening will be offered to staff and patients who had at least eight hours of close contact with the doctor.

The purpose of screening is to identify anyone who may have been infected and to ensure they receive appropriate medical follow-up. Effective antibiotic treatment is available for anyone who does become infected.

Contact tracing and screening will be at Hervey Bay Hospital and overseen by experts from the specialist Metro South Clinical Tuberculosis Service, which manages tuberculosis services across South-East Queensland, including Wide Bay.

Anyone who has any symptoms about which they are concerned, such as a cough for more than three weeks, coughing up blood or unintentional weight loss, should seek medical advice from their GP immediately.

Anyone with concerns can contact the Clinical Tuberculosis Service on 3176 4141, Monday to Friday 9am–4pm.

Information is also available at

Last updated: 25 October 2019