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Monto to benefit from new x-ray operators

Monday 12 December 2022

Monto to benefit from new x-ray operators
Andrea, Ashleigh, Khadijah and Maddison join four other nurses trained to perform x-rays

Nurses at Monto Hospital are better able to support their local community, benefiting from additional qualifications to perform some radiography procedures.

In rural and remote Queensland where a radiographer is not readily available, limited scope radiography may be performed by appropriately licensed health service employees, called x-ray operators.

The X-ray Operator Introductory Course covers aspects of anatomy, radiation safety and positioning to ensure the x-ray operator can obtain appropriate images that can be used in diagnosis and treatment.

Andrea Forsyth, Ashleigh Myles, Khadijah Todd and Maddison Ward recently underwent the invaluable training to become licensed x-ray operators.

The practical training was delivered at Monto Hospital by Senior Program Coordinator Kate Ryan from the Cunningham Centre in Toowoomba.

“The trainees have to work through 50-80 hours of online content as well as observe and assist with x-ray examinations before they can apply to do the three days of practical training,” Ms Ryan said.

“This helps them gain the theoretical knowledge they can then apply when taught the technical skills.”

Monto Hospital’s Director of Nursing Tracey Pattie believes the ability to perform x-rays not only enhances the skills of individual nurses but benefits the local community.

“Having an x-ray service available locally is important to both our doctors and patients,” Ms Pattie said.

“It means that our local doctors can often make a diagnosis here, using the x-rays taken by our trained nurses. This is incredibly important in trauma situations, where every minute counts.

“For many of our patients, it means they don’t have to travel to a larger centre to have their imaging done. They can receive end-to-end care here at home, surrounded by the support of their family and loved ones.”

Andrea, Ashleigh, Khadijah and Maddison join four other nurses trained to perform x-rays, with a total of eight x-ray operators caring for the Monto community.

Last updated: 12 December 2022