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Wide Bay HHS recognises excellence in its team

Wednesday 12 October 2022

Finalists and winners of the 2022 WBHHS Excellence Awards.
Finalists and winners of the 2022 WBHHS Excellence Awards.

The outstanding contribution of team members across the Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service (WBHHS) has been lauded at its 2022 Excellence Awards at the Hervey Bay Boat Club.

The awards recognised how staff and volunteers have put into practice WBHHS values of collaboration, accountability, respect, excellence and seeing care “through patients’ eyes while implementing, delivering and supporting vital health services across the region.

The Director-General of Queensland Health Shaun Drummond was a special guest at the awards, which was attended by the finalists of each award which were selected from a total of 174 nominations.

Wide Bay Hospital and Health Board chairperson Peta Jamieson said the awards provided a great opportunity to not only highlight the many examples of excellence across the WBHHS, but also to reflect on what has been achieved.

“It is a great honour for myself and my fellow Board members to be a part of the Excellence Award as it’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the achievements of WBHHS staff and thank them for the important work they do each and every day,” Ms Jamieson said.

“The Board is constantly amazed by the phenomenal efforts of all Wide Bay HHS staff throughout the year and appreciates the high standard of care consistently delivered, even in the face of the very challenging COVID-19 situation.

“Across the health service, there are many varied examples of excellence, and it is important to make the time to celebrate these as it can be all too easy to overlook them as staff and volunteers are busy getting on with their vital work each day.”

There were co-winners of the Every Value Every Day Award this year, with New Bundaberg Hospital senior executive support and communications officer Deyarn Williams and Manager of Employment Relations Sarah Bainbridge receiving the award.

WBHHS Chief Executive Debbie Carroll praised all the award winners, finalists and nominations for their outstanding efforts which reflected on the overall commitment and adaptability of staff throughout the last 12 months.

“These range of nominations for these awards have really reflected the full diversity of our  workforce and volunteers, as well as the range of work and challenges that we faced together as a team,” Ms Carroll said.

“While it’s been a difficult year in many ways, our team has continued to deliver high-quality, patient-centred care while grappling with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as increased patient demand.

“Each and every day I see staff rise to these challenges to deliver care through patients’ eyes, in line with our organisational values, and I am immensely proud of the outcomes our team achieves for our patients, consumers and community.”

Full list of award winner, noting there is four Board Ambassadors reflecting the different regions of our health service:

Every Value Every Day Award

Deyarn Williams (Senior Executive Support and Communications Officer, New Bundaberg Hospital) for her willingness to help others, often deviating from her core role to ensure others are supported and confident to implement actions, and ability to thoroughly research information and solutions to any queries put to her. Deyarn always produces work of an exceptionally high quality, often within tight timeframes, and has an excellent understanding of organisational risk that she applies to all facets of her role.

Sarah Bainbridge (Manager Employment Relations, Bundaberg) who demonstrates daily excellence and at all times acts with the WBHHS’s best interests at the forefront of her mind. At anytime Sarah is willing to go above and beyond not only with her own team, but any employee or stakeholder to assist for the benefit of the health service.

Collaboration Award

Regional Medical Pathway - Steering Committee and Partnership team for their efforts in coordinating multidisciplinary representatives from the University of Queensland, CQUniversity, Central Queensland and Wide Bay Hospital and Health Services to deliver end to end medical education and training across the two regions and actively working on matters including curriculum and pedagogy, student admissions, clinical placements, pre-vocational and vocational training, media, marketing, communications, First Nations integration, research, engagement and the impacts on capital infrastructure (including student accommodation and teaching/learning facilities).

Accountability Award

Rachel Loague (Acting Nurse Unit Manager, SOPD Hervey Bay) for her work to improve workplace culture through encouraging open communication amongst the SOPD team, having a positive, can-do attitude, working with her team to set out and achieve goals and implementing incentives to lift morale.

Respect Award

Dr Madelyn Gramlick (Surgical Registrar, Hervey Bay) for the positive support and care she provides to her colleagues and the impact she has on improving patient outcomes, facilitating a positive learning environment for junior doctors, increasing team morale and reducing burnout. Dr Gramlick has the knowledge and skill of a good surgeon, and amazing bedside manner with patients, but she also has characteristics supports juniors and helps them learn and improve.

Excellence Award

Alastair Ginman (Senior Podiatrist, Allied Health Hervey Bay) for his contribution to measurable improved outcomes in patient care and reduction in the amputation rate of the local diabetes population. As one of the highest users in the state of total contact casting in the high-risk foot service, the gold standard in offloading pressure for foot ulceration, his dedication and hard work in striving every day to make improvements in patient care is an inspiration to how patient care is provided.

Through Patients’ Eyes Award

Oasis Crisis Support Service for the significant impact on mental health consumers in providing a safe and supportive environment as an alternative to emergency presentations. The positive consumer feedback has been overwhelmingly high and indicates the impact on patient outcomes by diverting more than 100 patients from the emergency departments, has seen a continued growth of presentations and is the first crisis support space site to support child and youth presentations in the local area.

Cultural Connections Award

Tamara Olive (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker, Social Work Bundaberg Hospital) for bridging cultural and medical gaps beautifully for all involved, demonstrating respect for her culture and always finding a balance between allowing patients and families time and space while ensuring that time critical medical concerns are also addressed.

Volunteer Award

Marion Larsen (Volunteer Mundubbera) for the dedication, support and care she provides to the Mundubbera community. Serving as a nurse and midwife for many years, Marion has continued to serve as a volunteer at Mundubbera Hospital and provides a friendly, familiar face to patients and supporting staff in making their delivery of care easier in any way she can, including her famous pearls of wisdom when they need a pick-me-up on a difficult day

WBHH Board Values Ambassador Awards:

Darren Bell (Porter, Bundaberg) for going above and beyond every time he is on duty, making sensible suggestions through patients’ complex journeys, being proactive, eager to help, reliable and trustworthy. If Darren is given a task one can be sure that it will be completed efficiently and with the best possible standard.

Mandy Jones (Residential Aged Care Facility Coordinator, Social Work Hervey Bay) for her role as the Residential Aged Care Facility Coordinator, which saw her coordinate the successful discharge of 87 patients across Hervey Bay and Maryborough hospitals into permanent residential aged car within the first three months of the project.  In addition to this, Mandy facilitated a further 31 patient discharges to Interim Care beds and 15 discharges from ICB to permanent care.

Dr Mohammed Sabry (Clinical Director, Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs Service Maryborough) for his respect to not only his peers and colleagues, but to the patients and their families. Even when there are increased pressures in the workplace, Dr Sabry will stop to listen and value your opinion, and you are always made to feel that your contributions are important, ensuring individuals receive person centred care, and always remaining calm, polite and respectful.

Anna Smith (Registered Nurse, Childers) for her efforts in improving a culture of excellence, quality improvement and supportive attitude in mentoring our many Graduate Nurses. Anna stepped up into an acting clinical nurse role this year as shortages occurred due to COVID-19 at Childers and was always willingness to work multiple extra and extended shifts to ensure her colleagues and community were supported.

Last updated: 12 October 2022