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Right to information

Make a Right to Information (RTI) request

CQ Health supports the Queensland Governments Right to Information scheme. The Queensland Government has made a commitment to provide access to information held by the government, unless on balance it is contrary to the public interest to provide that information.

You can apply to access information from CQ Health under the following legislation:

Before you apply

You may be able to access the information you are looking for without using the RTI process.

Before making a request through the RTI process, you should check to see if the information is already available online.

  • Our disclosure log lists information of a non-personal nature which has been released in response to RTI access requests and provides a description of current applications.
  • Our publication scheme describes and categorises information routinely available from CQ Health.
  • The Queensland Government’s open data strategy lists a range of information collected by Queensland Health.

If you are unable to find the information you are searching for, please contact us before lodging a request.

Your personal health record

If you have been a patient at a CQ Health facility or service, you may be able to apply to access your own medical record without using the RTI/IP process.

How to apply

You can submit a Right to Information (RTI) or Information Privacy (IP) application online.

Alternatively, you can download the Right to information and information privacy information access application form (PDF, 172KB) and submit it:

Some fees and charges apply to RTI and IP applications. View the current fees and charges.

Right of review

If you are dissatisfied with the department's decision on your access application you can apply to have that decision reviewed.

An application to have a decision internally reviewed must be made within 20 business days of the date of the letter communicating that decision. Please contact us for more information.

You can also apply to have our decision reviewed by the Information Commissioner.

Last updated: 26 July 2019


Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service Release of Information Unit
Phone: (07) 4920 6734

Postal address:
Release of Information Unit
Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service
PO Box 871
Rockhampton Qld 4700

If your information is not located in Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service, view the list of privacy contacts to get in touch with the Hospital and Health Service where your information is located.