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Destination 2030

Destination 2030: Great Care for Central Queenslanders received overwhelming support during a six week consultation of CQ Health staff, patients, consumers, special interest groups, partners and the community.

The final version was developed from 16 separate staff consultation and 11 community consultation sessions, 50 pages of feedback received from an online consultation and submissions from staff, community groups, patients, consumers and partners.

It received significant media coverage from local radio, television and newspaper outlets across Central Queensland and the Destination 2030 consultation draft was shared broadly across social media. The feedback received will continue to provide valuable context to the development of plans to realise the aims and objectives of Destination 2030; Great Care for Central Queenslanders.  

Read more about the Destination 2030 consultation feedback.

We thank all those who shared their valuable suggestions and opinions.

Our Destination 2030: Great Care for Central Queenslanders strategy will shape the future of healthcare across our region, and support our aim for Central Queenslanders to be amongst the healthiest in the world.

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Message from our Chief Executive and Board Chairman

Our challenge

Introduction and the immediate challenges we face

The changing health context

Factors that will influence the future of healthcare

Turning our vision into reality

Key milestones for the effective delivery of Destination 2030


Summary of Destination 2030: Great Care for Central Queenslanders

Last updated: 9 November 2017