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Where can I have my baby?

If you decide to have your baby at one of our public hospitals, you will need a referral from your doctor or private midwife.

Once you have been referred to a hospital you should ask about the maternity care options that are available. Some rural hospitals do not offer all services, so you may need to go to another hospital for the birth of your baby.

Maternity care options at CQ Health hospitals

  • Routine care - your care is provided in the hospital and you may be seen by midwives and/or doctors.
  • Obstetric care - for high risk pregnancies. You will be cared for by a team of specialist doctors and midwives.
  • Midwifery Group Practice - your care is provided by a midwife during your pregnancy, when you have your baby and for up to 6 weeks after your baby is born.
  • GP shared care - your care is shared between your GP and the local hospital doctors and midwives. Not all GPs provide maternity shared care.
  • Private midwifery care - a private midwife or midwife in a team will provide your care when you have your baby and for up to 6 weeks after the baby is born. You can choose your own midwife, but they must have admitting rights to the hospital you plan to deliver at. You will be responsible for the cost of private midwifery care. Medicare rebates are available.
  • Maternity Navigator - If you experience pregnancy complications you can be supported by a Maternity Navigator. This is especially useful if you need to travel for your care, because Maternity Navigators coordinate care between services in your community and the hospital you will give birth at.
  • Gumma Gundoo Indigenous Maternal and Infant Care – for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families. You will be cared for during pregnancy, when you have your baby and for up to 6 weeks after your baby is born.

Benefits of a public hospital

  • free, high-quality care
  • building a positive relationship with care-givers who may be present at the birth
  • specialist doctors and services, if required
  • special care nursery, if required

Other birthing options

In Queensland, you can also give birth at:

  • A private hospital
  • Birth centres (public)
  • A public or private hospital with private midwifery care
  • Home birth

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Last updated: 30 April 2018

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