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Workplace Harassment


The Workplace Investigations Unit (WIU)

The WIU is an independent unit in Queensland Health which has been specifically set up to deal with workplace bullying and harassment.

The role of the WIU is to:

The Workplace Investigations Unit reports directly to the Director-General and is currently managed on a day-to-day basis by the Chief Human Resources Officer.

Bullying and Harassment

Queensland Health has a ZERO tolerance policy to harassment.
Queensland Health defines 'Workplace Harassment' in accordance with the definition provided in the Prevention of Workplace Harassment Code of Practice 2004 as:
'A person is subjected to workplace harassment if the person is subjected to repeated behaviour, other than behaviour amounting to sexual harassment, by a person, including the person's employer or a co-worker or a group of co-workers of the person that is:

However, it is important to note that 'workplace harassment' does not include reasonable management action taken in a reasonable way by the person's employer in connection with the person's employment.'
It is also important to note that the behaviour must be repeated to constitute workplace harassment.  A one-off incident is therefore unlikely to constitute workplace harassment.  
For further information refer to the Criminal Code Act 1899.

Lodging a complaint

What to do if you feel bullied or harassed

For more information on the grievance process, please look at our brochure Stamping out workplace harassment (968KB PDF)

Review and appeals options

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your grievance, you may appeal the matter to the Public Service Commission or the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.  For more information on appeal options, please refer to HR Policy E12 Employee Complaints (PDF, 234KB) or following links Public Service CommissionDepartment of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation

Useful links

Human Resource Policies

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E5 Workplace harassment and Sexual harassment (PDF, 103KB)

E8 Workplace Equity and Harassment Officers (PDF, 103KB)

E9 Requirements for reporting corrupt conduct (PDF, 102KB)

E12 Employee complaints (PDF, 234KB)

G2. Equity and diversity (previously Equal Employment Opportunity (PDF, 105KB)

G3 Reasonable Adjustment (PDF, 93KB)

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