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Proposed Youth Prevention and Recovery Centre

YPARC entry view
YOPARC - Courtyard view
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The Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service (the Health Service) is exploring options to potentially build at 39 Law Street, North Cairns as the preferred site for a new, $6 million youth mental health centre.

What are we building?

The Youth Prevention and Recovery Centre (YPARC) is a community based residential care facility for people aged between 16 and 21 who require additional support for mental health issues. It is designed for people who would otherwise be at home and may be working through issues such as bullying, family breakup, trauma, mental ill health and abuse. The average stay will be between 14 and 28 days.

The care model is based on a successful model from Victoria, where three centres are operating well and have gathered considerable support from local communities. Health Service staff have visited these centres and noted significant benefits from the communal environment and how well the centres integrated with their suburban surrounds.

It is anticipated that the centre will be a one story building, and will look much like any other home.

Who will be eligible?

The facility will work with young adults who:

  • are aged between 16 and 21
  • are assessed as being of low risk for self harm or harm to others
  • without early help, would likely need care in an adult inpatient unit; or
  • are in an adult inpatient unit and who can be discharged to this facility for additional support prior to transitioning back into the community.

Consultation with the community

The Health Service has consulted residents with properties near the site. Consultation and communication with local residents and businesses will continue through the stages of the project.

This project is in the early stages and the Health Service still needs to develop detailed plans and follow for planning approvals processes.

Last updated: 4 October 2016

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Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service Communications Team
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