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Consumer Feedback

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Consumer Feedback

Do you have a compliment, suggestion or complaint?

We need to hear your comments so that we can continue to improve the care and services provided.
If you are happy about the care and services provided at this facility or have a suggestion or complaint please let us know.
Write your comments in the space provided or speak to one of our staff.

What to expect

If you have a complaint, we will respond to it promptly and sensitively. Feedback information is treated as confidential and managed according to privacy obligations.

You can play an important role in resolving the problem by providing as much relevant information as possible, such as documents and the names of staff you have dealt with.

The Complaints Coordinator deals with all complaints and ensures that all serious complaints are brought to the attention of the relevant Executives.

We investigate complaints thoroughly to know what happened and why and ways to prevent it happening again.

We will keep you informed at all times so you know what is happening.

What we will do

We will work with you to assess the most appropriate way to resolve the problem and the best outcome. We ask you to consider the outcome you would like and we will strive to provide it.

We will provide you with all the facts about what happened and any strategies we have devised to improve our service as a result.

If your comments are a compliment, a copy will be forwarded to the relevant staff named in the compliment and their manager/s.

Your Comments
Your comments please: Are your comments
Do you give us consent to access your medical record for investigative purposes?
What is the patient's full name?
What is your relationship to the patient? If you are making a complaint, we may need to obtain consent from the patient to fully investigate the issue for you.

Last updated: 5 February 2021