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Strategies and Plans

Strategic Plans

Darling Downs Health

Department of Health

Health Service Plan

Health Service Plan

Background Paper Full Document

Background Paper Split Document

Activity and Projections

Corrections to the Health Service Plan 2019-2029

  • P20 – Spelling error – consultation
  • P22 – Map updated to include Community Care
  • P38 - (excluding chemotherapy, renal dialysis and endoscopy) changed to (excluding unqualified neonates and renal dialysis)
  • P69 & P77 - formatting correction to endnotes
  • P137 - change the name of the beds to match the volume of beds

Corrections to the Activity and Projections paper

  • P11 Table 2 Age group heading removed.
  • P61 Figure 3 replaced.
  • P64 – Data corrected for Adult Subacute ON Beds section of Table 76 Toowoomba Hospital Base Case Projections
  • P15, 20, 23, 27  - Typographical error – “513” removed from Stay Type column, Nanango Total row

Corrections to the Background Paper

  • P25 - Remoteness Area (RA) 5 (very remote) changed to Remoteness Area (RA) (remote) and source updated
  • P78 Formatting change Table 96
  • P81, 83, 88 - CSCF ratings are more clearly defined
  • P127 Table 136 replaced with Table 137
  • Chapter 5 Appendix 2 is changed to Appendix 1

Clinician Engagement Strategy

Consumer and Community Engagement Strategy

Clinical Governance Framework

Last updated: 31 August 2021