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Contract management

Queensland Health is bound by guiding legislation when offering student placements within Queensland Health facilities. As an education provider, you must ensure you have the correct legislative and contractual documentation in place before you can start negotiating placement capacity with Queensland Health.

Student Placement Deed

Under the clinical placements program, Queensland Health enters into contracts with Australian education providers to allow students to undertake clinical placements in Queensland Health facilities. This legal instrument is the Student Placement Deed.

The governance arrangements for the Queensland Health clinical placements program is a hybrid model assigning strategic and operational components that reflect legislated roles and responsibilities under the Hospital and Health Boards Act 2011, as well as specific contractual arrangements put in place to enable clinical placements to operate at a risk profile acceptable to the State.

Deed terms and conditions are the same for every education provider. An example Student Placement Deed can be accessed on the Clinical placements resources page.

The Deed operates between Hospital and Health Services/Divisions of the Department through subsidiary documents (such as the Schedule 3 – Student Placement Schedule, the Student Deed Poll, the Student Orientation Checklist, the Supervisor Deed Poll, and any other pre-placement preparations as required by Hospital and Health Services or the Department that may be profession- or location-specific).

The term of the Student Placement Deed commencing 1 July 2022 is fixed to 31 December 2025.

Please refer to the Student Placement Deed holders for a full list of education providers with whom Queensland Health currently has Deeds.

International education facilities

Queensland Health does not enter into Student Placement Deeds with international education facilities. International placement coordinators must approach a Queensland education provider to discuss placement opportunities on behalf of their students.

Last updated: 30 January 2023